Fish Mania Review: does it really pay?

Fish Mania is an easy game to earn money, which is based on dragging little fish to get rewards. The application is free and can be quickly found in the Google Pay Store. The game was created by the developer Patala Games.
Unfortunately Fish Mania is one of the many junk apps you find on the internet. The platform doesn’t pay what it promises and will only waste your time.
Read the following Fish Mania review and find out all about it.

Fish Mania: is it legit?

Fish Mania is not a legitimate app, as it does not deliver any rewards, as it claims.
Stay away from this fake app.

What is Fish Mania

Fish Mania is a basic Android game that rewards players with real money for reaching goals, the objective is to drag your fish towards the fish with a lower number so that it can beat them. You will finish the level once you eliminate all the fish in that context.
Note that on Google Play there is another app with the same name, but it does not deliver rewards.
The game doesn’t require any registration, so you don’t have to worry about giving personal data. This is a negative point, because if you lose your phone or uninstall the app, you will lose all your progress and the rewards you earned.

How to play?

After loading the application, you will see this message: “Play the game to win cash and withdraw money to PayPal or Cashapp”. Then, tap “Play” to start the game. You will see your fish at the bottom of the sea along with an octopus and three other fish.Each figure has a specific number corresponding to its power. Your job is to move your fish to another fish with a lower number. Since your fish start with the number 9, you must defeat the one with the number 7. As a result, your fish number will increase by 7 and you will become number 16. Now you will have enough power to defeat the next fish at number 14. If you aim at a stronger fish, you will miss and you will have to watch a video. To complete the level, follow the sequence until you eliminate the highest creature on the screen. As you defeat the creatures, Fish Mania will deposit virtual dollars into your wallet.
Here’s the catch: some fish have a small video icon next to them, which means you’ll have to watch an ad every time you fight them. Once you complete the level, you can open a treasure chest and get more rewards.


When it’s time to collect your winnings, Fish Mania will impose you to keep playing and watch more videos.
The platform imposes you a countdown, once finished, the application continues to put requirements to get paid. What you have to know is that even if you meet them, the platform will never pay you. The platform earns money while you watch videos and the rewards are completely fake. Fish Mania manifests a lot of gimmicks to make you play for a long time, but never collect your winnings.

Conclusion of Fish Mania

Fish Mania im’puts withdrawal requirements and will trick you by telling you that there are over 300 people before you to be rewarded. This number is updated in real time as if they are actually paying players. Finally the platform will tell you that your payout had a problem and will be delayed for a month. Of course this is all fake, as the app will never pay you your winnings.
The best thing to do is to ignore Fish Mania and never download it to your cell phone because you will only waste time.



Fish Mania does not pay.

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