Wood Block Master: does it really pay?

Wood Block Master is a puzzle game that promises to make you money by playing. The app claims that you can win hundreds of dollars and at the potential level, thousands of dollars. The platform sets up this advertising gimmick to attract thousands of users to fall into the trap. The reality is that Wood Block Master pays nothing of what it promises.
Read the following review below to learn about all the scams the platform uses.

Wood Master Block: is it legit?

Wood Block Master is not legitimate, as it manifests various gimmicks to deceive users. The platform does not pay anything it claims and is a complete scam.

What is Wood Master Block?

Wood Block Master is a puzzle game in which you take blocks of different sizes to the board to clear the lines. As you solve the puzzles you gain access to numerous high-value rewards. The platform offers a free gaming experience to players as it relies on ad exposure.

Please note that the data collected by this application is not encrypted, which means that unauthorized individuals can access sensitive information from your device. That includes passwords, account numbers and any sensitive information. In addition, you cannot request that your data be deleted, which violates the privacy policies of many countries.

There is a negative feature about Wood Master Block: you must trade your time for those rewards by watching many commercials before you can cash out. After a minimum amount of cash or diamonds you can redeem them for valuable prizes. Even if the platform presents you with a fabulous picture, don’t believe anything it says.

How to play?

Wood Block Master is an application that you can easily find in the Google Play Store and has no cost.
If you enter the app every day you will get a reward of 2000 coins when you start the game. The coins can only be exchanged for diamonds that, in turn, can be exchanged for Coin Master, Free Fire and Clash of Clans. To do so, you must choose a wooden block from the bottom of the screen and move it to an empty space on the board. The ultimate goal of the game is to clear lines by filling the spaces in a row or column. As a result, the solid line will disappear, and that will earn you rewards. The elimination of one of these blocks will generate prizes such as diamonds and virtual money. You can then win more prizes through slots and random lucky cards. Generally speaking, the application offers you great rewards all the time, which are just a trick.


Wood Block Master will force you to watch videos on the premise that it is a requirement to get paid. The platform claims that there is no minimum to cash out, which is a lie. What’s worse is that the app has immoral strategies to keep players captive for a long time. The reason why the app is still being used is that users refuse to accept losing all that time they have already spent on the game. So they don’t want to give up. This happens when someone hesitates to abandon a course of action because they have invested a lot of time and energy into it.

Conclusion of Wood Block Master

Wood Block Master is a junk app in which you will only waste your time. Do not download this app to your cell phone because it will be a big disappointment for you. The platform presents a lot of gimmicks to keep you as a player and then not pay you anything. The goal of the application is that you see a lot of advertisements so that they earn money.



Wood Block Master does not pay.

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