Space Pop: Bubble Shooter Review: does it really pay

Space Pop: Bubble Shooter is an application that promises to make you earn money for playing, something that is completely false. The app has had a lot of downloads so far, because the platform has invested a lot of money in advertising. Space Pop: Bubble Shooter claims that it can make you $500 for playing for ten minutes, something really tempting. Unfortunately that is not true, as this is a fraudulent platform.
Read the following review below and find out how Space Pop: Bubble Shooter deceives users.

Space Pop: Bubble Shooter: is it legit?

Space Pop: Bubble Shooter is not a legitimate application, as it does not pay for anything it promises. The platform manifests various deceptions throughout the application to get users to play for as long as possible.

What is Space Pop: Bubble Shooter?

Space Pop: Bubble Shooter is an application to earn money by playing created by the developer Friday Playrix. The platform quickly became famous for its advertising slogan $500 in 10 minutes. This promise is unrealistic and is the first warning sign for Internet users.
Space Pop: Bubble Shooter expresses a classic game dynamic. You must combine 3 or more balls of the same color to eliminate them. Once you destroy all the lines you will complete a level and you will be able to pass to the next one. There are colored balls and some bonus balls, which have ticket symbols. Through these balls you will win virtual dollars, which is false.

How to play?

At the start of the game, Space Pop: Bubble Shooter will give you a $100 welcome bonus. This is one of the cheats of the app, as the developers don’t have that much money.
The gameplay is easy. As a player you must shoot colorful balls and match them together. There are two types of balls, the normal ones and the ones containing banknotes inside. The ones with bills inside are the ones that will give you cash winnings. On the other hand, the ones that do not contain banknotes will reward you in coins, which you can later exchange for real money.
When you reach a streak of exploded balls, they will give you the possibility to get a bonus reward. You can also double it, depending on what you want. You will have to watch an advertising video in either case.
Finally, there is a room in which you have to click on a circle to watch a commercial and earn money. This circle is a circular progress bar, which when filled can earn great rewards, which is false.


Space Pop: Bubble Shooter has a minimum withdrawal of $500, you must reach this amount to withdraw. That figure is too high, as no game in the industry gives away that much money.
The $500 will go to your PayPal account, you have to provide the respective account details to cash out.
Coins can also be withdrawn. The minimum withdrawal is 100,000 coins, which translates to $0.50. However, Space Pop: Bubble Shooter will not pay you anything of what it says, as it is just a junk app.

Conclusion of Space Pop: Bubble Shooter

Space Pop: Bubble Shooter will not pay you anything it claims. The platform is a fake money making application. The developer company deceives through advertising tricks to attract more people. The platform forces you to watch a lot of commercials to earn money, which in the end is a lie. Do not download Space Pop: Bubble Shooter to earn money, it is all fake. The best thing you can do is to stay away from fake apps like these and look at the ones you can actually make money with. This website, Apps Paying.Me, has a long list of platforms that do pay and can help you.



Space Pop: Bubble Shooter does not pay.

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