Crazy Star Review: does it really pay?

Crazy Star is an application to earn money playing, which offers rewards too high to be true. The amount of money offered by the platform is enough to buy houses, cars and first class trips. Unfortunately none of this is true and the intention of the app is to confuse you so that you play for a long time and in the end you don’t get paid anything. If you just want to play and have fun you can use this platform to entertain yourself, but don’t expect to make money through it. Ignore the application when it tells you that you can earn a lot of money because it is a lie.
Read the following review carefully and find out all the lies of Crazy Star.

Crazy Star App: is it legit?

The Crazy Star app is not legitimate, it will never pay you what it promises. Do not download this app to your cell phone because you will only waste your time.

What is Crazy Star?

Crazy Star is a casual game in which there are groups of cubes that share the same color to eliminate. The promise is that you earn virtual dollars as you smash those cubes, which will lead you to complete levels. The platform says that once you reach $300 dollars you can withdraw your earnings through Amazon or Paypal gift cards.
You can get Crazy Star through Google’s PlayStore and you’ll find it quickly. Then you install it on your cell phone.
Once the app is downloaded you can open it and start playing. No registration is required, so you don’t have to enter your personal data. This is a red flag because your account is not saved anywhere and neither are your supposedly logged-in stays on the platform.
Your evolution in the app can be deleted at any time, the developers are not interested in the security of their users. It is best that you stay away from Crazy Star, for your own good.

How to play?

The Crazy Star game will start when it is fully loaded. At the beginning there will be a board full of colored cubes, waiting for you to tap it. Your job will be to tap groups of cubes of the same color, eliminating them in as few moves as possible to maximize your score. After eliminating all the cubes and achieving the target score, you will receive fabulous cash prizes ranging from a few cents to $5. However, you will be required to tap the “claim” button and you will have to watch a sponsored video from time to time.

The developer has cleverly maximized its own revenue through ads. After all, players will be more than happy to watch those short videos in exchange for a lot of money.
You can redeem rewards via PayPal or Amazon gift cards once you reach the minimum balance of $300. Tap the withdraw button at the top, select the redemption method and follow the prompts. The reality is that this payment will never reach your bank account because it’s all a scam.

Conclusion of Crazy Star

Crazy Star is one of the many junk apps on the Play Store. At the beginning the platform tempts you with great prizes, but every time you get close to the withdrawal goal, the income will drop. This is a strategy applied by many platforms to keep users captive.
In the end it is all a lie, the platform will never pay you. The best thing to do is never download Crazy Star to your cell phone, it will only take up space and drain your device’s battery.



Crazy Star App does not pay.

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