Bingo Star – A Game To Win Real Money?   [Review]

Bingo Star – Does it pay or not?

You may already know about Bingo Star , an online bingo to earn money that has been appearing in various advertisements and this has made its popularity increase, but still no one knows if it is really a working application or just another PUA. Stay until the end if you want to know everything.

Before continuing with the article, I want to remind you that we have nothing to do with any study or application, we are just giving an opinion and we hope you understand that. Many times we receive claims or complaints against which we cannot do anything. We are just users just like you. We tested various apps in our spare time and wrote about them to help other users find a legitimate game or save them from wasting their time, but that’s about it. I will never lie to you on any of the results.

Also, regardless of the result, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that gather apps that do pay. The lists mostly have games, in case this is the only thing that interests you, although you can also find applications for micro tasks or surveys. Anyway, let’s focus on this game and see if Bingo Star pays or is just a waste of time.

What is Star Bingo?

The name of Bingo Star is quite clear, although I remember a time when the game had nothing to do with the name it carried, but that’s another topic. Here you will find a bingo adapted to the mobile and to tell the truth, it seems to me a very good adaptation, look that I have already seen many other bingo games and most of them have ended up being disastrous, Lucky Bingo Game and Bingo Joy can corroborate it .

Seeing so many bingo games it is easy to think that many have been created by the same person, but this is not the case. The app I’m talking about was created by GameZen , a studio that has published 7 other apps and while their posts contain another bingo, it’s not one I’ve already talked about. In fact, I don’t even know if it is also presented as an online bingo to win money , although it is most likely so.

All the games that this company has published seem to be simple copies of other more pillars, some with higher quality than others, but copies after all. When you see an application that offers you money, always doubt and look for information, it is most likely lying.

Bingo Star

Installation and registration in Bingo Star:

Although it has a generic name, it is easy to find, but it can be confused with other apps that have a similar name. I recommend that you also check the name of the studio that created it so as not to fall into this error. If you can’t find it, it may be due to a compatibility problem, something for which there is no solution and the best thing is to go ahead and look for another app.

It is not mandatory to make any type of registration to enter, so do not worry about having to leave sensitive information. You can enter as a guest in the “Play as a guest” option, although it gives you the option to enter from a Facebook account, but I do not recommend it.

How does it work?

Once you enter Bingo Star you will have different options to select between some rooms. They all have the same games, only the theme changes. When you select the room in which you want to start, they will take you to the game and they will show you some instructions so that everything is clearer, you will also have some boxes with help but they will be few compared to other applications.

Your goal is simply to mark on your card each of the numbers that appear in the rectangle that appears at the top. They will indicate the number you should look for and the box in which you should be located. You win the game or complete the “bingo” once you manage to mark five boxes in a row, it doesn’t matter if it is diagonal, horizontal or vertical. These games are generally won when you get three rows marked or more, the game itself notifies you.

The reward is automatically added to your account, it is about coins and you can see it in the balance that appears at the top of the screen. Be careful with the ads, after a while they will become mandatory.

Online bingo to win money - Bingo Star


Despite the fact that it is presented as an online bingo to win money, the truth is that it is not like that, it does not give you the option of withdrawing or winning something real. There is no withdrawal box, minimum payment or payment method and you can only enter a tab in which an online store is available . Of course, in this store you have to invest real money, so I do not recommend it at all.

online bingo to win money

Does Bingo Star pay?

No, Bingo Star doesn’t currently pay and I doubt it ever will, so it’s best to uninstall the game from your phone. Unfortunately the only goal of the creator is to create games that are attractive and then force you to watch ads, which is extremely annoying. I’m not saying that creators don’t deserve to earn money from their work, but they shouldn’t lie to users, much less with something as serious as money.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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