Lucky Bingo Day – Can You Really Win Money? [Review]

Lucky Bingo Day – Is it a scam?

You may have already seen  Lucky Bingo Day , an  app to earn money playing games  that presents itself as a  paying app . The game, as you can well notice in its name, is nothing more than another bingo that promises us money in exchange for playing, so I reviewed it for a while and here are the results.

Remember to make this article I will base myself solely on my opinion, since the blog does not promote anyone and has nothing to do with any company or app. Our opinions are always based on our experience and we are just users like you, we are looking for an  application to earn money playing games  that works. If we find an  app that does pay  , we’ll notify you, the same if it’s just a  junk app , we’ll tell you so you don’t waste time. We know how frustrating it is to come across  PUAs , that’s why we want to help and treat you in a way so you don’t waste time.

Besides, if you read until the end you will be able to find the names of several lists that gather  apps that do pay . A large part of the apps there will be   applications to earn money by playing games  that are paying, although you will also have other options such as task apps or answering surveys. I invite you to review them and find your favorite, in addition the apps have different payment methods and withdrawal minimums that can be easily adjusted to you and that can help you quite quickly.

What is Lucky Bingo Day?

Lucky Bingo Day is a bingo game that doesn’t bring anything new, not even the interface is anything different from what we’ve already seen. Many of the supposed money-making apps we’ve seen are identical to this one and even better, as this game isn’t particularly well programmed. The app presents constant failures, it crashes, the screen appears black or it is simply very slow and I tried it on a mid-range cell phone.

This app is created by  DZ ネットワーク and so far he has published two other apps that are also presented to the public as  apps to earn money by playing games . All their games are simple copies of other more popular ones, but adding the plus of money and with this they have guaranteed success. Of course, marketing also plays a fundamental role, which is why each app has a large number of ads in all places and, as always, they are presented as  apps that do pay , even if they don’t.

In particular, I don’t think any of the apps that have been created by  DZ ネットワークwork, since they are just generic copies with one intention: to make you see ads. Whenever you see a supposed  app that does pay , it is best that you review the information that is available and thus do not waste your time.

Lucky Bingo Day

Installation and registration in Lucky Bingo Day:

The app can be easily found, even if it doesn’t look like it. You can still check the name of the study, so you can make sure you install the correct app. If you can’t find it, it may be due to compatibility problems and there is no solution for that. The best thing will be to look for another app and not risk it with an APK.

Luckily this time it will be necessary to register, it does not ask you to link an account once you are inside.

Lucky Bingo Day

How does it work?

When you enter  Lucky Bingo Day, you will have a game as usual, there they will give you several instructions so that you understand how to play in case you don’t know. After beating that game you will be able to move freely around the app, so don’t worry about the annoying pop-ups, they will only be there for a while. Then you will be able to see all the windows with help, settings and most importantly, our rewards.

Your objective is nothing more than to mark the number indicated on your card, if it is on your board. To do this, you must pay attention to a small box that will appear at the top of your screen, there you will see the number that you must look for and the letter of the row in which it must be located. If you succeed, that’s it, you just have to mark it and wait to complete a complete row of five marked boxes, either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. You will also have some help in case you miss an opportunity, but it is best to be attentive.

The  reward  accumulates in the middle of the game and is awarded only at the end of the game, if you win. This  reward  is divided between  coins  and  bills , although both basically serve the same purpose.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  through  PayPal  and also  gift cards , since the tickets are for the first and the coins are for the second option. Now, the  minimum withdrawal  was not possible for me to achieve, since this tab kept loading. If you have this information, I would appreciate it if you write it in the comments to complement the article. 

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Does Lucky Bingo Day pay?

Lucky Bingo Day does not pay , it is just a waste of time that will take up space on your cell phone. The game to begin with, is not even well programmed and may present various errors on your cell phone. Now, to this is added that it is an app that is promoted with lies, since it is not really an  application to earn money playing  but a simple game that lacks grace. The goal is to have you there and get you to see ads so the creator can make money, but they won’t give you anything. The best thing is that you review our lists to find an  application to earn money playing  that really works, you can do this through the list of  apps that do pay .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


  1. Thank you for your information about all the fake app i have being playing alot of them but at the end i gets nothing. Please link me to the right one

  2. Thanks for your information, I have been playing lucky bingo day and I have more than 2million naira there I never knew that they don’t keep to their words
    So which one can I play to be cashing out ?

  3. Luck bingo day oyunu ben bir aydır oynuyorum ama para falan verdiği yok altın golt kart topla diyor para hesabına geçecek diyor 40 tane toplamam gerekmiş 39 topladım ama bir tane kaldı kesinlikle de vermiyor sadece oyaliyor insanlarin emeklerini çalıyorlar oyalamaca sadece hala birsey kazanamadim ben 1 aydir oynuyorum

  4. İnsanları sadece kandırmaca bu oyun verdiği bir para falan yok kimse inanmasın ben denedim kimse deneyip de kendinizi yormayin zaman kaybi sadece bu

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