Bingo Time – A Bingo Game That Allows You To Win $15 A Day?

Bingo Time – Does it really pay?

This time I will tell you about Bingo Time , a bingo game to win real money that has gained a lot of recognition due to its constant advertisements in other games. The ads mostly show great rewards for just a few minutes of gameplay, this naturally catches anyone’s attention, so I decided to test it to see if it was true.

Before continuing with the article, remember that this blog has nothing to do with any studio or application, we are independent and like you, we are users in search of a game that really works. If we find a bingo to win real money, perfect, but if not, it doesn’t matter, since we are looking for applications to win money of all kinds. We do not promote anyone and I will not lie to you with any of the results I achieve. If a legitimate application I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it’s rubbish, I’ll let you know so you don’t waste your time.

Also, if you read until the end of the article, you will be able to find there several names of lists that bring together applications that are paying. I recommend that you review these lists. Although there is still no bingo game to win real money, you can find many other games that pay you, although you must have a realistic idea. You will never become a millionaire with an app, they only serve to generate extra income. But hey, let’s see if Bingo Time pays or not.

What is Bingo Time?

You probably already have an idea of ​​what Bingo Time is about , after all its name is quite explicit and its images could easily be confused with any other bingo game, such as Bingo Pumbler and Bingo Trip. The fact is that this game does not present us with anything new, it is just another copy of a previous copy, so it tries to stand out from the rest by offering money, but it will only show you ad after ad and you will end up losing your patience.

The application was created by TropicalEngine , a studio for which it is not possible to find any information. I could not find available information regarding the company, nor was it possible to find information regarding the app, we only have what the ads say and of course in each of them they will show you what the creators want and what suits them, Therefore it is better not to trust. Every time you see ads of this type, investigate and if you can’t find anything you can return to this blog and leave us the name of the app in the comments, we will review it as soon as possible.

A simple method to know when a game is a junk app is to look at the amount of money it offers because these applications barely work to generate anything more than extra income. Also when you start seeing a lot of ads you should also pay attention, it can simply be a waste of time.

Bingo Time

Installation and registration in Bingo Time:

Although it may not seem like it, it is an easy application to find, you just have to search for its name correctly in the Play Store and it will appear at the top of the results list. If you can’t find it, it may be due to a compatibility problem with your cell phone. For this, there is no solution and it is best to look for other options.

To enter it is not necessary to make any type of registration, do not worry about having to leave any personal information. Just focus on playing and nothing else.

Bingo Time

How does it work?

Once you enter Bingo Time you will have some instructions and they will show you where the main functions of the app are. You can start a game immediately, there you will have several extra instructions so that you understand well how it works and also some aids that you can use at any time. Keep in mind that these aids are rechargeable and you must see an ad each time, something that can end up being very annoying.

You can play with several cards just like in other games, but I recommend that you start with one so you don’t have any problems. Your objective is simply to mark each box according to the number that appears on your mind. Remember to keep an eye on the box at the top of the screen, from there you will be able to see which number you should look for and in which row it is located. Every time you complete the five interrupted squares, regardless of their meaning, you win the game.

The reward is delivered in the middle of each level, for this you have a box that appears at the top of the screen and that is where everything is credited automatically. Be aware of the ads, as they will appear after a while.

Bingo game to win real money


You can request your payment through PayPal or gift cards , this depends on the app and which balance you manage to reach the minimum threshold necessary to withdraw first. The minimum withdrawal is $500 dollars for which you need to have 500 bills in your balance, while on the gift card side the minimum varies depending on the options and the lowest is also $500 dollars for which you need 500,000 coins .

When you reach the minimum you will be able to write your information for the payment, but I regret to inform you that you will be waiting because it will never arrive. It’s all just a marketing strategy.

Bingo game to win real money

Does Bingo Time pay?

No, Bingo Time does not pay , it is just a junk app that wants to make you see ads, but you will never get any rewards. The game is not very good and if you like it you can always look for other options in the Play Store, but I do not recommend keeping this game on your cell phone. It is best that you delete the game or do not install it, it will not help you and will take up space that you can use for other games that really work.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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