Deal Master: Trivia Game – Does It Really Work?  [Review]

Deal Master: Trivia Game – Does it pay?

Today I will tell you about Deal Master: Trivia Game , a game to earn money online that has become quite popular due to its constant advertisements. The promise with which it is presented makes it attractive to any user, we would all be happy earning money for playing, but this promise is nothing new and it is better to review it before blindly trusting.

Stay until the end if you want to find out everything about the application, for this article I will base it solely on my opinion. The blog has nothing to do with any study or application, we are not promoting anyone. I want to clarify this because several times we have received comments with complaints or claims regarding projects with which we have nothing to do. We are users like you, we are looking for a game to make money online and we leave our reviews to help other users so they don’t waste their time.

Besides, it doesn’t matter what the result is this time, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that bring together applications that are paying. I recommend that you check the lists, there are quite a few games to make money online and also other types of applications such as surveys or micro tasks. They are all proven and can help you. That being said, let’s see if Deal Master: Trivia Game pays or not.

What is Deal Master: Trivia Game?

Deal Master: Trivia Game is a rather strange game in which you have to open briefcases and generate profits, supposedly in order to decorate rooms or your own house, but they never give you this option. Personally, it reminds me a lot of Million Golden Deal , an app I reviewed a while ago and it was quite similar, and it also had constant advertising like in this case, which is quite annoying.

Although these two applications are quite similar, the truth is that they were not created by the same person and I know that they are registered for a different company. The oatmeal that spoke to you on this occasion was created by Cyperus Studio , creator of Ocean Tile, an app that I reviewed and was quite disappointed. Not only was the game boring and repetitive, but all the rewards it promised in each of its ads were also a total lie. I never received any payment and from what I suspected, in this game it will be exactly the same.

I think that after these experiences it is more than valid to add this company to a blacklist, since it seems that all the applications that are under their seal are a simple lie. Every time you see an application that promises you hundreds of dollars for a simple task, hesitate, because this is not possible, it will almost always be a lie.

Deal Master: Trivia Game

Installation and registration in Deal Master: Trivia Game:

Due to the particular and long name that the application has, it is quite easy to find, just make sure you type it correctly when you search for it in the Play Store. If you can’t find it, you can access it through one of the many ads they have, but if it doesn’t give you the option to install, it may be due to the compatibility problem with your cell phone, for that there is no solution and it is best that you look for other options.

It is not necessary to make any type of registration to enter, so don’t worry about having to leave personal information or an email.

How does it work?

Like the game I compared it to a few paragraphs ago, Deal Master: Trivia Game lacks meaning and instructions, so you will be completely lost once you enter. When you are inside the app they will show you several briefcases in which there are different amounts of money. What you’re supposed to do is set your sights on one and then we should be able to recognize it, although you can perfectly select any one and you won’t lose.

From what I understood both in the game and in the advertisements I saw, is that you must do business with these profits to start decorating rooms and renting them or something like that, but the truth is that they never give you these options. I managed to get a briefcase with very good profits, after this an option was unlocked that seemed to be from a “bank” and from what I understood, it was a kind of bet to see if one of the first briefcases I selected had a certain amount of money, which turned out to be the case and I was able to win, but the truth is that the game is very confusing.

The reward is added automatically once you manage to beat each level, you can see it in a box at the top of your screen. Over time the ads started appearing and if you don’t see them, you don’t get anything.

Game to earn money online - Deal Master: Trivia Game


Look, no matter how much in each of its ads it promotes it as a game to earn money online and no matter how much I check within the application once I can enter, the truth is that I did not see any of these options. There is no withdrawal box, payment method or minimum threshold that I must meet to have this option unlocked. All earnings are accumulated in a box and are supposed to be spent only within the application, so being a “game to earn money online” is just a lie to attract an audience.

Game to earn money online

Does Deal Master: Trivia Game pay?

No, definitely Deal Master: Trivia Game does not pay , it is just one of the many lies that you can find in the Play Store. The game doesn’t have much consistency and it doesn’t have much logic either, it shows that the creator publishes it solely with the function of you seeing ads so that you can generate income, but you will never receive anything. The strategy on which this game is based to promote itself is nothing new and sadly the Play Store does not seem to do anything to sanction creators who lie to users. Delete the app, it’s not worth it.




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