Blossom Blast Saga: does it really pay?

Blossom Blast Saga presents itself as an application to earn money by playing. There are hundreds of advertisements where this platform claims to pay to play. However, when you are inside the game the platform says nothing about it and only claims to be a highly entertaining game, which is a lie. Blossom Blast: Blast Saga does not pay and is not a fun game.
This app is fraudulent, as it does not pay for anything it promises. Read the following Blossom Blast: Blast Saga review and learn how the platform deceives users.

Blossom Blast Saga: is it legit?

Blossom Blast Saga is not a legitimate app, since it does not pay anything of what it promises. The platform manifests several gimmicks to trick users into staying as long as possible on the platform.

What is Blossom Blast Saga?

Blossom Blast Saga is an app that advertises itself as a money making game. However, when you start playing it doesn’t talk about any cash rewards. The app is self-described as an exciting game, which is a lie.
This app is developed by Creative Jungle LTD, a company about which there is no information whatsoever. The fact that this brand has no experience or recognition arouses the worst suspicions.
Blossom Blast Saga is easy to find on Google Play, if you can’t find it is because the app is not compatible with your cell phone.
To start playing you won’t need to register or create a username. You just have to wait for the main screen to load and you can start playing.

How to play?

When you enter Blossom Blast Saga you have a board on which there are many randomly placed tiles. The tiles are different, some are similar to each other and others not so much. Your goal is to group them so that they disappear and leave you a free space on the board. You win once the board is completely empty.

You have several groups that form by themselves and once you press one of their pieces, it will disappear. That’s all you have to do. As a complement to the game, a roulette wheel will appear for you to try your luck, but the purpose of this roulette wheel is to show you an advertisement.
The rewards add up gradually and you should not pay too much attention to it. The platform will force you to watch a lot of commercials to earn rewards, although you will never collect them.


Blossom Blast Saga claims to pay through PayPal, OXXO and Amazon. The minimum withdrawal is $200 and is valid for all payment methods. The mentioned figure is too high for a simple game, which points out how fake the platform is.

Conclusion of Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blast Saga does not work as an online money making application nor does it work as an entertaining game. The ultimate goal of the platform developers is for you to see hundreds of advertisements so that they can make money. This app is a complete scam and will only waste your time, battery and space on your cell phone. Do not download this application to any device and if you already have it installed, delete it forever.
The Internet is full of fraudulent applications and very few are the ones that can really make you money.
Don’t be discouraged, here at AppsPayingMe you have a long list of apps that do pay and will make you earn extra dollars every month. You just have to choose the app you like the most, start playing and receive rewards that are real. The key is to get informed before downloading an app to your cell phone, so no fraudulent platform wastes your time.



Blossom Blast Saga does not pay.

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