Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star: does it really pay?

Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star is an application that is presented as a platform where you can earn money playing. This app tries to imitate Candy Crush, but fails to do so. The app is fake and does not pay what it promises, as it manifests several deceptions throughout the game to trap users. Read the following review and find out how Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star lies to users.

Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star: is it legit?

Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star is not a legitimate application as it does not pay anything it states. The platform is fraudulent and resorts to gimmicks to keep users inside the game.

What is Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star?

Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star is a puzzle game that tries to imitate Candy Crush, although it does not succeed. The game is boring, the aesthetics of the application is rather unpleasant and the platform is full of ads that worsen the experience within the app.
Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star was developed by the company Egcal Cody Weaer, a studio that only creates fake apps.
To find this app you must write its full name, Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star, because otherwise you will not be able to distinguish it among so many thousands of apps on Google Play. If you do not find it is because the platform is not compatible with your cell phone.
Once you find it and download it to your cell phone you can start playing directly. The app does not require you to register or ask for your personal data. This is a bad sign, because you will never have a record of your evolution as a player.

How to play?

Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star is a puzzle game with a few variations. Once you are inside the game you will see a board full of tiles that will have the shape of a mushroom that will be distinguished by its color. The mushrooms will be randomly distributed all over the screen. You must form groups of three identical tiles to free up space on the screen. Your goal is to form many groups. If that is not possible, you only need to form three groups to score points and advance. The goal depends on the difficulty of each level and the app itself will notify you when you reach it.
The reward will be added to your account until you reach the minimum withdrawal. After a while you will receive less rewards and to reach your goal you will be forced to see advertisements.


Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star pays through PayPal and the minimum withdrawal is $100. The scam consists in asking you for $5 dollars to withdraw your money. As you can see, the app is fraudulent: it will keep your $5 dollars and will never pay you what you won in the game.

Conclusion of Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star

Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star does not pay, it is fraudulent and the game does not fulfill the goal of entertaining the user. The experience is made worse because the platform is full of ads which you are forced to see to continue playing. You should not download this app to your cell phone, if you already have it installed you should delete it. The platform represents a waste of time and they even steal $5 dollars so you can cash out, something that never materializes.
Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star has a high rating on Google Play, which is fraudulent. The developers buy fake reviews to attract more users so that no one discovers that the app is fake.
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Mushroom Ocean: Merge Star does not pay.


  1. I just played this game and won 1000dollars now they asking me to send 82rand for transactions toe bê mase do my account i wanna knw if i should pay the money or don’t is this real or not please i urgantly need a reply in running out of time

  2. What’s happened with payout
    Why do I can’t payout I do what games wanted from me but no payout

  3. its a scam, doing them a favour by watching all the video adds 140 times, then asking money to purchase an app for 5 USD. Then not really paying… totally rediculous. they are just taking money to all people downloading this and using Paypal and Amazon’s name…

  4. The app is fake they let me earn up to $2000 I cash out the money and the said I should watch more videos to receive I watch everyday up to one week nothing has gone I even request for borowing bundle 50GH$ to watch the videos but now I open the app again is not coming the users we should learn something here now👍

  5. This is a kind of scam, have watched all the videos and this is a month since I got a congratulations. *The PayPal card will withdraw your account in 15 working days*

  6. Mushroom Ocean is a big scam l play this for 3 weeks an cash out now funds had been transferred to my pal account an I try the Amazon store brought 2 items when day came for items to be delivered got notices that items was detained by US customs there for I get reimbursed of funds.

  7. Si es estafa paypal y amazon son complices por prestar sus logos o hacerse la vista gorda es tambien complicidad
    No se porque no se ha demandado paypal y amazon
    Ya que si no fueran complices hubieran cerrado o bloqueado estas aplicaciones
    O tal vez una demanda por falsas espetanzas y tiempo perdido
    Tal vez algun abogado piense hacer una demanda grupal

  8. Ho giocato ai funghi mi devono pagare 1000 dollari c’è scritto che in 15 giorni avrebbero pagato sono passati più di 25 giorni .a di soldi non si vede nuente. Per me sono tuttu truffatori mi dicono do guardare 30 video e poi se ne fregano

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