Bubble Pop – Does It Really Pay You Or Is It A Scam? [Review]

Bubble Pop – Does it work?

Maybe you are wondering if Bubble Pop app pays or is a scam and luckily for you you have just arrived at the right place, here I will tell you everything you need to know about the app and if it really works or not. Stay until the end, I promise that I will give you the answer you need and, along the way, some access to applications that work and can help you.

Before continuing with the article I want to remind you that this blog has nothing to do with any study or app. Our goal is not to promote or promote the apps we are talking about, we are just giving you our personal opinion and from there you can make your own decision. If an app is legitimate I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will tell you so you don’t waste your time and look for other options.

Furthermore, no matter what the result of this application is, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that bring together apps that do pay and can help you. Each list has its own apps and each application has an article in which you can find more information, although you can leave any questions in the comments. Without further ado, let’s see if Bubble Pop app is scam or paid.

What is Bubble Pop?

Well, Bubble Pop is a fairly common and easy bubble game, in fact on this blog I have seen other similar ones like Lucky Bubble and of course, they all offer money to their users. The problem with these applications in general is that they tend to promise things that they really cannot fulfill and not only because they do not want to do so, but because it is impossible to make the payments they promise. Besides, the amount of ads they have is overwhelming and only makes you want to delete the game.

The application was created by Gokulkrish, a company that has published two other applications so far, although I do not know if these are also presented as a good option to earn money. Most likely, yes. The fact is that this studio seems to be used to lying to get users’ attention and thus get downloads, a strategy that can be effective in the first few days, but once users realize the truth, the numbers begin to increase. collapse.

Asking yourself if Bubble Pop app is a scam or paid was the best idea and the one that saved you from wasting time, which is why you should always do it with every application of this type that you find. Remember that no matter how legitimate the app looks, there is always a chance that it is a lie.

Bubble Pop

Installation and registration in Bubble Pop:

It is not an easy application to find because it has a fairly common name. In fact, unless you enter from an advertisement, searching for it will be a complicated task. When you find it, it is best to also check the name of the studio that published it, this way you make sure you install the correct one.

To enter it is not necessary to make any type of registration, you just have to enter and play to win as much as possible.

How does it work?

Once you enter Bubble Pop you will have the option to start a game, there they will show you some rules and how to play so that you have everything clearer. You also have some help on the screen to make the process easier, just keep in mind that they are downloaded and you must see an ad to have these functions again. You will also have boxes with account settings and of course, your rewards box.

Your goal is nothing more than to throw each of the bubbles that pass to you from the bottom of the screen. If you look closely you will see that each of the bubbles has a different color and this is essential since you must form groups of at least three chips, these must contain exactly the same color. You cannot allow the bubbles to reach the bottom of the screen or else you will lose, for this you must play your cards well and know where to throw each bubble.

The reward is automatically added to your account and distributed in the middle of the game, although you can access a larger reward when you successfully complete a level. As usual, ads will be part of the game and will appear at any time.


Curiously, on this occasion the payment method is not PayPal but PayTM, a platform that seems not to be very popular yet, but that I have already seen in several applications. The minimum withdrawal is $1,000 dollars and as you know, it is impossible for an application to spend that much on you.

You may be able to reach the minimum payment, but when that happens they will make you see even more ads and add you to a waiting list that you will never leave. It’s all a lie, the payment is not going to reach you .

Bubble Pop

Does Bubble Pop pay?

I’m sorry to disappoint you but no, Bubble Pop doesn’t pay , it’s just one of the many junk apps that exist in the Play Store. The game was created solely with the objective of giving money to its creator and it does so, which is why you have to see so many ads in the middle of a game. No users will benefit or receive a payment, it is all a scam. It is best that you delete the application and check our lists, there you will have different options.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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