Lucky Bubble 2048 – Does It Really Pay? [Review]

Lucky Bubble 2048 – Scam?

You probably already know Lucky Bubble 2048 , a game to earn online income that promises heaven and earth, but we all have the doubt if this is real or just one of the many lies that can be found in the Play Store. Stay until the end if you want to find out as much information as possible, I’ll tell you if it works or if it’s just a junk app.

Remember that for this article I will base it solely on my opinion, the blog has nothing to do with any application or study, we are independent. We are not seeking to promote or promote any of these apps, we are only seeking to give an honest opinion so that you know what you can expect and whether or not it is convenient for you to use them. We are users like you and we know how annoying it can be to find so many junk apps, which is why we want to help you. If an app works I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app.

Also at the bottom you can find the names of some lists that bring together apps that do pay, there you can find several options. The lists mostly have games to earn online income, but this is not the only thing you can find there since you will also have some apps to answer surveys or apps that pay for walking. But hey, let’s see if Lucky Bubble 2048 pays or not.

What is Lucky Bubble 2048?

I think it’s pretty easy to guess what Lucky Bubble 2048 is about , after all in each of its ads you can see the game and also in its images. It is a bubble game in which you must press one that belongs to a group and in this way you manage to clear some space for more bubbles to fall. So far I don’t think I have reviewed any application like it, I don’t remember any game of this type, although I do remember the name of the company that created it.

The app was published by Exowner and if you are a recurring reader of the blog you will surely remember this name, this studio published Rich Scholar and Quiz King. At the time, these two applications caught my attention because each one is advertised as a game to earn income online, I tried them and sadly both ended up being a total lie. This company has a habit of lying to users in order to attract some attention, because if it is their games, they hardly attract anyone’s attention.

As I have told you many times, every time you see an advertisement for a supposed game to earn online income that presents you with a large amount of money, it is best that you continue straight. There is not a single game that can pay you a large amount, it is unsustainable.

Lucky Bubble 2048

Installation and registration in Lucky Bubble 2048:

Although it has a name that may seem generic, it is an easy app to find, you just have to search for it by its full name and you will easily find it at the top of the results list. If you cannot find it or it does not give you the option to install, it may be due to compatibility problems, for this there is no solution and it is best to look for other options.

No type of registration is necessary to enter, don’t worry about having to leave any personal information in an app you don’t know.

Lucky Bubble 2048

How does it work?

When you enter Lucky Bubble 2048 you see a board on which there are several bubbles, there you will have all sizes, colors and each one marked with a number. You will also have some boxes all over the screen that represent aids, extra games to win a greater reward and some settings boxes, as well as your winning balance.

The objective in this game is nothing more than to observe and press when you see a large enough group with bubbles that have the same color, size and number. The groups must be made up of at least three figures that meet these conditions. Every time you press the bubbles and they comply with the rule they will disappear, in their place new bubbles appear that fill the screen and add up so you can get more combos and points. As you create groups you also unlock new tokens, this also adds up to passing the level.

You can see the reward reflected in your account, it appears at the top of the screen and from there you can monitor everything. Of course, with each reward will come an ad that cannot be closed and is quite long.

Game to earn income online


You can request your payment through PayPal , this is the favorite option of many creators and I recommend having an account there, although junk apps offer you this option and never pay you, there are also apps that do pay and disburse you directly to PayPal. The minimum withdrawal on this occasion is $30 dollars and as an initiative the app gives you good profits, then the reward decreases to the point where it becomes impossible to reach the minimum threshold.

If you achieve the minimum withdrawal, it will allow you to enter your information and link your account, but it will be of no use because the payment will never arrive .

Game to earn income online

Does Lucky Bubble 2048 pay?

No, Lucky Bubble 2048 does not pay , it is just one of the many lies that you can find in the Play Store and that will take up your time. The game is not very fun, although it is entertaining but there comes a point where the ads ruin everything and just make you want to delete it. The best thing is that you delete the game because it will not give you a single peso, it is all a lie orchestrated by its creator so that you install it and stay there in order to generate a profit, but it will not give you anything.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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