Rich Scholar – Does It Allow You To Earn Money For Playing?

Rich Scholar – Does it really pay?

Today I’m going to tell you about Rich Scholar , a game to earn free money that appears in several advertisements promising its users more than tempting rewards. Of course, this can attract anyone’s attention, but many of you will have the question of whether Rich Scholar works or is just a lie, and this is what I am going to answer.

Before continuing with the article, I want to remind you that we have nothing to do with any application or study. Like you, we are users and we are looking for the game to earn free money, although we are not bothered if we find any survey or micro-task application . I never lie to you about the result, since we do not promote anyone. If an app is legit I will tell you so you can use it with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, I will notify you so you do not waste your time.

Also at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that bring together some applications that are paying. Most of them will be games to earn free money, such as this example that you have here . You can still find applications of all kinds and with different payment methods to make it more comfortable for you. Review them and find your favorite, it will surely be of great help to you.

What is Rich Scholar?

As you can see, Rich Scholar is a fun general knowledge test focused on Indonesia, only this presents a problem and that is that all the questions are just in the Indonesian language. Honestly, it’s quite complicated to understand and although at first I had some luck, it ended up running out and that’s where the first problem appears: the ads.

The app is quite interesting, I will not deny it. Also, the fact that it is in a language that I don’t understand seems like an exciting challenge to me and I won’t lie to you if I tell you that I’m glad to have correct answers even though I wasn’t sure if its reward was real, but I understand that you want a game to earn free money and you are only interested in knowing this, so let’s continue.

This app was created by Exowner , a studio that has published five other apps so far and yes, they are all supposed to be games to earn free money . Most of these games are nothing more than a copy of other more popular ones and as you can imagine, a large part of them use lies to promote themselves. The best thing is that when you see an app like this, do not believe and look for information. I assure you that most lie, so it is better to check.

Rich Scholar

Installation and registration in Rich Scholar:

Its short and specific name makes it an easy application to find, although for this you must make sure to write its name correctly in the search engine. If you cannot find it, it may be due to a compatibility problem, something for which there is no solution and it is better to look for another option.

Luckily for the entrance it is not necessary to make any type of registration, so you should not worry about this point. You will not have to leave sensitive information or link your email.

Rich Scholar

How does it work?

Well, once you enter Rich Scholar you have a simple and straightforward interface that allows you to locate everything quickly. Even if you don’t understand the language. The game starts from the moment you enter the app, for this you will have a time limit and the possibility of repeating the same question as many times as necessary.

The game is responsible for testing your level of general knowledge, especially with regard to Indonesia, only as I told you, the language represents a very strong barrier to understand what is questioning us and what we are responding to. As a challenge, it can be fun, but guessing for nothing and having ads added every time it doesn’t seem worth it. Less when you notice that there is no help to advance in your game.

Now, the reward is quite a present theme and they are always giving you some coins that go directly to your balance. You can control this in the box that appears at the top of your screen.

Game to earn free money


You can request your payment through DANA and GCash , so if you don’t have an account there it’s better not even try. The minimum withdrawal is 75 rupees and in case you are wondering, at today’s exchange rate it represents about $0.0049 US cents . There are also other amounts that you can consider, but they will be quite difficult to come by.

When you reach the minimum payment threshold, it will give you the option to select the amount and enter your information. Your payment is supposed to be processed immediately, but in fact the payment never arrived. Tell me if I really paid you to complement the article.

Game to earn free money

Does Rich Scholar pay?

I still have that doubt, since some users affirm that they are paying, but there are also many complaints on this point. It can also be the case that they only pay people from Indonesia and therefore this amount never reaches the rest. Also, if we do the conversions, we can see that the money he pays is very low, so even if he pays, I can tell you that Rich Scholar is not worth it.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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