Bubble Shooter – Kitten Rescue, pay to play?[Review]

Bubble Shooter – Kitten Rescue, the new game to earn real money?

This time, we will be testing Bubble Shooter – Kitten Rescue a new app, which claims to reward you with money, in exchange for you playing in it, will it be real or are we facing a scam application as most of them are? Read on to find out which apps do pay and are worth investing your time in.

What is Bubble Shooter- Kitten Rescue?

Among everything I investigated, at first glance it seems to be an application nothing out of the ordinary, has more than 10 thousand downloads, and something that I noticed, and gave me a good impression, is that it has public reviews, and 4.5/5.0 in rating within the Play Store, which shows that it is an app, accepted by a good number of users. Regardless of this, the important thing is the operation and verify that these are not purchased reviews, and that actually if they fulfill the promise to pay those who use it.

Bubble Shooter- Kitten Rescue, is an application of Somtee Studios, and is one of the three applications with which this creator has, has ads, which would be a negative point if we take into account that it is an exaggerated number of the same.

Installation and registration:

The first thing that will appear on the screen, will be a welcome sign where they explain in broad strokes what you can achieve in the game, then click on “next”, you also have the option to see your prizes by clicking on the ticket symbol, which appears at the top of the screen, likewise, you can access an account, with your email or Facebook.

Once the registration is finished, you will see the entry menu, click on the play button that appears in the center of the screen, to be sent to a map where all the levels that we will unlock as time goes by and as we overcome them and create more points, there are a total of 100 levels, and as expected, if you are new, you will start at level 1.

The dynamics of the game is as follows, you must touch and hold the screen to aim, drag left and right to aim, release to shoot and combine 2 or more colors to clear the path of colored bubbles and thus create new points in Bubble Shooter – Kitten Rescue, the main objective is to save the kittens that are inside the bubbles.

You must collapse the bubbles, and as you explode them, the kittens will be falling and freeing themselves, once you finish saving each and every one of them, the level will end, and you can move to the next one, and so on until you reach the maximum.

The game gives you the option that, between each game, you can play to spin a roulette wheel and win more money, supposedly in cash, it sounds too good to be real, is it true or are they trying to scam us as users?


After some research, I can say that everything seems to indicate that it is a real application that does pay. Within the payment section, it shows us that 10,000 bills within the application is equivalent to 2 dollars, 20,000 to 4 dollars, 50,000 to 10 dollars and 100,000 to 20 dollars. It also explains that the withdrawal could be made within a fairly reasonable time, and it takes about 2 to 8 business days, eye, I emphasize “business days”, since this does not mean it takes 2 days or a week, but depending on the date you want to make the withdrawal, is what it will take to be reflected, all this is through PayPal, you just have to log in and enter your email for the transaction to be made.

Conclusion of Bubble Shooter- Kitten Rescue:

While it is an application that everything seems to indicate that if it pays, the reality is that it can be a flyer to see if you actually get the deposit, or are another of the many creators who take advantage of their users, making them believe that they will get a payment in exchange for their time.

What we must recognize is that it seems to be a very entertaining game, although with minimum withdrawals that seem to be unattainable, since in order to reach the amount of bills the app asks for, you need many hours, and perhaps it is not a game that suits most people.

If what you are looking for is to find applications that pay to play, I invite you to read the complete blog, since, within it, you can find a list of real apps that fulfill their promise, and which ones are not worth downloading.



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