Does DigiWards Really Pay?[Review]

Do you earn 500 dollars with DigiWards?

DigiWards, this is a fairly new application, which so far has had a very good reception by users who have downloaded it, has more than 1 million downloads, which is a lot, and 95 thousand opinions from the public, all these reviews and comments are publicly, this being a very important starting point, as they do not hide the comments of its users. It is an application suitable for all the public, as its creator says on the Play Store page.

What is DigiWards?

It’s an app for hanging out, and it’s also an easier way to earn rewards while playing. Like most of the games where they promise to pay us, as long as we use their platform, they sell us the idea of winning and being paid from the comfort of our home, also in its great part, this ends up being a lie, but from everything I have read and tested in this application, it does not seem to be the case, for that we have to keep reading, and thus discover the veracity of the application.

Its last update was on January 4, 2023, clearly being a paid app, it must contain ads to cover that funding, that is not a negative point, if the creator takes care not to be invasive with the same, since it is what ends up being a bit annoying for most of those who use apps of this type.

Installation and registration:

 In order to enter the application and start earning money, the main thing is to log in with our google account, or some email, unlike many other applications, which do not ask for any kind of registration, although on the occasions that, if they ask for it, it ends up being a point in favor, since all the progress is saved in the cloud, and in the account of the same game.

In the start menu, you are given many options to play and start the main purpose for which we downloaded this application, within all these, is the resolution of CAPTCHA phrases, playtime, answer polls, etc.. When you register, the application gives you 1000 coins to use within the application, when you invite a person, you get 100 coins, and when the person enters the code, you get 1000 coins.

In the captcha solving section, and to make it a little more entertaining, they put you to fight against another person for a minute, solving them, and whoever solves it easier, would win the game, I must say that these are not difficult at all, and it is somewhat exciting. After each game, it sends you an ad, but it is not necessary to see it, you can scroll it and hit cancel, this does not affect anything and in the same way they are going to pay you your coins, no matter if you win or lose, you are still going to receive rewards.


So far, DigiWards seems to be an application that does pay, since the operation is quite good, the security with which they handle your data, the dynamics and logistics convinced me, etc.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 thousand coins, which is equivalent to 2 USD, 50 thousand coins are 5 USD, 100 thousand are 10 USD, and finally 200 thousand, 20 USD. It does not seem to be so complicated to reach the minimum, however, all this depends on how much availability you have, and how much time you dedicate to the application, also if you use your referrals, and these people put effort, since, if they enter with the link that you provide them, 20% of their earnings, they will give them to you as an extra, without deducting them anything of what they earn, this point is very positive, and convenient for everyone.

DigiWards Conclusion:

After a long test and research, I can say that DigiWards, is an app that does pay, there are many testimonials and evidence of people who claim to have had a reward from this application, if you decide to check for yourself, at the end of the review, I will leave the link to download the application in case you decide to do so. It is a pretty good application to pass the time, as long as you do not neglect the really important things, also give us the facility to invite friends, and get rewarded by them.

If what you are looking for is to find applications that pay to play, I invite you to read the full blog, since, within it, you can find a list of real apps that fulfill their promise, and which ones are not worth downloading.



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