Finger Number Match, Real or Scam? [Review]

Finger Number Match, how much money does it reward?

Do you know Finger Number Match? This is one of the thousands of applications that promises its users that when they use it, it will pay them, but is this true? Or will we again get the terrible surprise that what we are looking for is really a waste of time? Today we are going to test this application, so we can tell you if it is worth downloading it or not.

This application was published by Wind & Rain Game, which is a studio that has many more development projects, to have more applications, we can know that it is an experienced studio, and this in turn, be a positive point, but from there to be real that they pay, is far away. Finger Number Match, has more than 1 million downloads, and something not so comfortable for its users, is that it contains ads, the creator considers that people of all ages can use your app.

Its last update was on September 19, 2022, quite outdated nowadays.

What is Finger Number Match?

 It is an application of Wind & Rain Game, as I had already mentioned, the dynamics of this study from what I have seen and noticed, are the applications of pay to play, how true is this, does not have comments to the general public, which is strange, only if it were because the creator does not want users to see the bad reviews of those who were dissatisfied with the failure to fulfill the promise of the game.

Like many other applications, Finger Number Match, seems to be another attempt at Candy Crush, except that they make you believe that they will give you some kind of monetary reward, which is very far from reality most of the time, continuing with the review, this application is exactly the same, on a board you are presented with combinations of figures, which you must arrange in groups of 3 or more equal, forming a line, or a square, in order to join them and create points, is divided by levels, and seems very simple.

Installation and registration of Finger Number Match:

As the dynamics of most games that pay, or should pay, the first thing is to look for it in Play Store, it has a somewhat extensive name and difficult to learn or that your mind catches and easily remember it, however this is not a problem of operation, then write the name in the search engine, We will install it, and as a next step, something that seems to be not very good and that generates me a little distrust, is the fact of having to accept many permissions, being honest most people may not read most of them, thus creating possible scenarios where something can go wrong.

A point in favor is that you do not need to register, no emails, no phone number, which is convenient to make the protection of personal data, and that in this type of games or applications, it should not be necessary to share, until you reach a possible payment, and all this, in a safe way.

When you enter the game as such, you will see the board I told you about, and you must start playing, it does not throw any instructions, I guess it is because it is a plagiarism perhaps of the version that we already know and that has become so famous for many years, likewise, for most would not be a problem not having instructions, but for others if.


When you start playing, you can realize that this is not like Candy Crush, which is a plus that can differentiate it from all other plagiarisms to this, in this game what you have to do, is to press chips of the same color, regardless of their location, or create groups of more than 3 of the same. I have to say, that in my opinion it is a very boring application and game, it sends you a lot of ads, and it does not pay, I could even assure you that the amount of ads will bother you so much that you will not pass level 2.

At the top, you are going to get your rewards, which, obviously you will not be able to withdraw.

This app does not pay. However, they will make you believe that you can withdraw from 200 usd, up to 800 usd, but these will stay there, while you watch endless ads, hoping to make it someday. Adding the fact that it is very difficult to reach the minimum amount, and when it seems that you are achieving it, the app will lower its rewards. The whole dynamic is supposed to be done through PayPal.

Conclusion of Finger Number Match:

One of the applications that I would least recommend, not even to my worst enemy. It is real that the dynamics of the game, is greatly affected by all the ads it sends, it is not original and is similar to Candy Crush, although the fact that the creator wanted to disguise it, changing a minimal thing, is an attempt to plagiarize more.

They do not fulfill the promise to pay those who dedicate their time to it, which means that they are people who want to take advantage of the time of others, promising things that, at the end of the day, they will not fulfill. I dare to say, that this is a trash page, like many others that we can find on the internet.

If what you want, is to find applications that fulfill what they say and cover the user’s need to earn money by playing, I invite you to read the blog in general, here you can find apps that are worth it, I will leave the link at the bottom to make it easier to find them.

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