Cash Master – Carnival Prizes – Legitimate App Or Scam [Review].

Cash Master – Carnival Prizes – Is it a scam?

Perhaps you have already seen  Cash Master – Carnival Prizes , an  app to earn money playing games  that presents itself as an  app that does pay . As you can see, it is another  gambling app  that tries to win us over with a fairly high reward and the latter is what I am going to focus on.

If you want to know everything about the app and most importantly, to know if it really is a  paying app  or just another  junk app , feel free to read until the end. Here you can find all the detailed information, although this is only our opinion and we, like you, are only users looking for an  application to earn money playing . We do not endorse anyone and have nothing to do with any of these studios or apps. We only do reviews to try to chart a path for other users so they don’t waste their time, as we know how frustrating it can be.

Besides, at the bottom you will have the names of some lists that contain several apps that do pay, there you can surely find an app that you like and with which you can start generating extra money. The  applications to earn money by playing games  are the majority there, although you can still find  apps that pay you for various tasks  or  apps that pay you for answering surveys . There are also  different payment methods  that you can access. review them.

What is Cash Master – Carnival Prizes?

Cash Master – Carnival Prizes is a game that is already common among those who are looking for an  app to earn money by playing games , as it is one of the favorites of the creators. It seems that it is an easy game to program and promote, which is why they opt for it. It can also be addictive for some people and keep them there for hours, although all this happiness will be interrupted by the constant commercials that seek to make you see.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by  Chivalry Technology Co., Limited  a company that has published three other games so far. They are all  games of chance  and in fact from what you see, they are all copies similar to this one. The fact is that as always, you will see hundreds of ads in different places, announcing each one as a supposed  application to earn money playing  with rewards that exceed any minimum wage in Latin America. It will always tell you that it is an  app that does pay  and will always have a comparison with other  junk applications  that are out there. 

Personally, I do not recommend that you install any game from  Chivalry Technology Co., Limited , both due to the fact that gambling is usually dangerous, and because it really  is not an app that does pay. That is why I tell you to look for information before installing any game, you even have the comment box open so that you can put as many names as you want. We will review them all.

Cash Master - Carnival Prizes - app to earn money by playing games

Installation and registration in Cash Master – Carnival Prizes:

The app is easy to find, even if it doesn’t seem like it. You can still check the name of the study, so you can make sure you install the correct app. If you can’t find it, it may be due to compatibility problems and there is no solution for that. The best thing will be to look for another app and not risk it with an APK.

Luckily to enter you do not need any kind of registration, so do not bother having to link an account or post an email. 

How does it work?

When you enter  Cash Master – Carnival Prizes you will find yourself directly with the board or incidentally, with chaos. Everything in this app is made to fly high and make you believe that you are doing everything right and earned hundreds of dollars . Even from the tutorials, which by the way, is quite annoying, they begin to place some rewards here and there to get you excited. You will also have some boxes that you can review, there you will have both help for each level, as well as some account settings.

Your objective is to press the screen as fast as possible and in this way throw some  coins  that will add up on the board below. As you will see, to begin with you have a few stacked tiles and all of them will serve you for the game. Your duty is to launch them and collect them with the pot that appears at the bottom. There are from common chips, to  coin  or  bill rewards  and a few chips that are   “rewarded” and help you make everything easier. You will also have a scratch and win, but it will only be and if you want to continue using it, you must see ads.

Now, regarding the  reward  , there is not much that can be said, it is delivered in the middle of each game and combos can arrive that give you a  large number . The possibility of seeing an ad to  multiply earnings  will be present, but I do not recommend it at all.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


Although it is presented as an  application to earn money playing games , this option does not appear once you enter. There is no withdrawal box  and the  reward  that it gives you is only to be spent within the app itself, on the different items that are available. You won’t win real money , it’s all a game.

Cash Master - Carnival Prizes - app that does pay

Does Cash Master – Carnival Prizes pay?

What can I tell you,  Cash Master – Carnival Prizes does not pay. The application from the very beginning is trying to show you ads and you may escape them, at least at first because after a while it will be impossible. They force you to watch long and even interactive commercials. The creator’s intention is very well reflected in this, since he only sees the user as one more ladder towards his goal. He doesn’t care about his community and he certainly won’t give you anything. The best thing is that you delete this game and before you get discouraged, go to our lists where you will find several  applications to earn money playing .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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