Cash Master: Coin Pusher Game, Does It Really Pay? [Review]

Cash Master: Coin Pusher Game Is it legit or just another scam?

This time we have to talk about Cash Master: Coin Pusher Game , an application that calls itself a legitimate application to earn money . Which among this class of applications is very difficult to find, my instinct told me since I saw the advertising that this application had something that did not quite fit.

I have already reviewed many scam apps that have the same functions as this app. But of course, it’s better to check if the application pays or not, rushing could break my credibility, so I got to work and put it to the test.

If you were looking for an honest opinion of the application and you are reading this article, let me tell you, you are in the right place. I have no need to lie to you or spit out false information, so my verdict at the end is the most honest that you can find in all the reviews of this app.

What is Cash Master: Coin Pusher Game?

This application is of the Slots type, we have already reviewed several of this style in this blog, and because of how they all turned out to be, this one did not give me much confidence. It was released on December 6, 2022, that is, just a few days after writing this article.

Its developers are Coin Pusher and for now it is the only application they are managing, although to be honest it is impressive that just 18 days after it was launched it already has 100,000+ downloads.

But there is one factor that doesn’t quite convince me, the comments and rating area is hidden from everyone, and when we see this type of behavior in developers it is not to be trusted.

We will have several ways to “Earn Money” available, including a Slot Machine, a Jackpot, a Roulette and Scratch Cards. While we’ve seen these features in many money making apps, it doesn’t give us a good sign of what to expect.

Installation and registration in:

Installation is really easy, just head over to the app’s page on the PlayStore and we’ll hit install. The download and installation process will start automatically.

There is no record in the application, which activates more alarms than calm the waters. Creating an account is a feature that most legitimate apps have.

How does it work?

It’s time to talk about the functions of the application, which unfortunately are very limited. The main function is to push the coins that come out of the slot.

Cash Master: Coin Pusher Game

There will be special coins that will give you more Points/Coins, the more coins we push to the edge, the more we can level up. Each level up will give us a certain amount of coins, obviously the amount will increase depending on the level we are at.

The game mode is limited to just that, as you progress it will become more and more boring. But most of those who use the application will do this activity just for the prize it promises us.

slot machine

The Slot machine is the typical slot machine in which we will have to spin, the truth is a matter of “Luck”, to win we must match three identical symbols.


By this I mean the typical raffles that are held to reward many people, this is done completely randomly, but if it is real, it is worth participating.


If you want to win impressive prizes for just spinning a wheel, this is your chance, yes, another option that is only a matter of luck, it already seems as if we were in a pocket casino.

scratch off

Yes, another option where luck is the protagonist, for this occasion they will give us cards that you can scratch, these cards will give us random prizes.


After testing the application for a while, I gave myself the task of researching payments and wow, 0 opinions despite having more than 100,000 downloads, there are no external opinions. There is no person who has said that they have received a payment from this application.

Without a doubt, this filled me with doubts and insecurity, so I kept investigating until I completely gave in and came to a conclusion that I already feared.

Cash Master: Coin Pusher Game Conclusion :

Cash Master: Coin Pusher Game is nothing more than an app that gives us promises that it will never keep, in its entirety and as surprising as it may seem, these coin pusher apps don’t pay at all. All the advertising they have paid for has paid off, 100,000 downloads in such a short time is a huge amount.

There is no doubt that this application is generating a lot of money, but for its developers, not a penny will be allocated to users, it is a total scam. In addition to the exorbitant amounts of money they offer in their ads can in no way be true, the ad revenue from the app could not cover such an amount.




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