Coin Storm: Merge Fun, $1000 Easily? [Review]

Coin Storm: Merge Fun, an app that does pay?

I have been recommended to review a game called Coin Storm: Merge Fun, and I really wanted to do this review. Coin Storm: Merge Fun claims to be an application that does pay, and whose minimum withdrawal amount is up in the air. The truth is that I don’t like to make prejudices and I wanted to try it myself. It should be said that, while I was testing it, I noticed many details that did not fully convince me. In addition to the fact that it is a style of games that we have already reviewed on the blog. Although without a doubt it can surprise us, not everything is as it seems.

It doesn’t look too bad as a game, but as an app to earn money it has its drawbacks. Likewise, I will review it and give you my verdict on the application. Regardless of what I decide, you will have a list of applications to earn money at the end of the article. There you will find apps to earn money playing, apps to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.

This article has been written based on my experience and that of other users with the application. To that I add extra research that I did on my own. So everything you will read is completely proven and with solid arguments. If at any time you doubt what has been said here, I invite you to try the application on your own.

What is Coin Storm: Merge Fun?

Coin Storm: Merge Fun is an application to earn money by playing games released by Ipaid Netpay on November 29, 2022. Now, I have many doubts about the developer, since the records mark other data. According to the records of the apps released on the PlayStore, Coin Storm: Merge Fun was released by Troy_Nguyen2022. This developer has 4 apps. This change made me very curious, since I don’t usually see it very often.

Now, if we talk about Ipaid Netpay, it is a developer that has 3 games. Among them Coin Storm: Merge Fun. Which currently has more than 5 thousand downloads and more than 400 ratings / comments. They are mostly positive comments that have accumulated 4.7 stars on the PlayStore. But as we have already seen above, this does not say anything about the application.

If I have to summarize the game in a few words, I would define it as a Candy Crush with 2048 elements. As a game it can work, but I couldn’t say as an application to earn money.

Coin Storm: Merge Fun

Installation and registration in Coin Storm: Merge Fun:

We can find the application with a simple search in the PlayStore or directly in Google. It will appear in the first result, it is not as popular as other apps, but it does have a somewhat unique name.

The download will not take long and the installation will be done automatically. At the end of the installation we can open it. We don’t need to do any registration, which is worrying. I say this because most of the apps that work this way don’t care about their users. Not having a record means accepting losing our progress and income with a simple accident. By accident I mean deleting data, uninstalling the application or losing your cell phone.

Once any of these things happen, you will not be able to recover everything you have invested in this app.

Coin Storm: Merge Fun

How does it work?

The way of playing is identical to that of Candy Crush, but with some additions. Instead of matching candy, we will match coins of different colors. Each of these coins will have a value in numbers and a related color. To start winning, we simply have to place three or more coins on the same line. Once we combine the coins, a higher denomination will be formed. That is, if we combine 3 coins of number 1, we will obtain a coin of number 2.

As we combine coins, we will earn cash, which encourages you to continue playing. We will also have advantages if we find ourselves in any trouble. Such as the hammer to remove coins, lightning, or the exchange. Everything can count to win the game.

Apart from this apparently entertaining game mode, we will also have other options to win. We will have the wheel of fortune and the daily bonus, with which you can win a good amount of cash. Of course, the first one is just a matter of luck, now the daily bonus is a bonus for how committed you are to the application. Now, everything that goes into claiming the rewards has a huge red flag. This is that every time you have to claim what you win, either by matching tiles or on the wheel of fortune, you have to watch a video. Yes, you need to see an ad to claim your rewards.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay


Coin Storm: Merge Fun promises to transfer the money within 24 hours to your PayPal account. But of course, you must reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, which is not small at all. You need to raise the sum of $1000 to be able to make a withdrawal, which seems like a total overkill to me.

They also promise to send you the money you collect in 24 hours, which is a great advantage, because if you make $3,000 in 24 hours, you’ll earn even more, right?

On the other hand, if you reach the ridiculous amount of $10,000 you can redeem an Amazon gift card.

Applications to earn money playing - apps that do pay

Conclusion of Coin Storm: Merge Fun

As you may have guessed, Coin Storm: Merge Fun does not pay. It is simply a time-wasting app like no other. The game could be entertaining if it weren’t for one problem, the ads. It has too many ads, for everything you do, whether it’s entering other sections or doing a combination. It’s not so intrusive that it slows down the game every second, but it’s enough to make you sick. Sure, the developers avoid annoying people by placing ads as a means to claim their money. Thus, users view the advertising videos voluntarily, and therefore, earn even more money. I speak of the developers of course, since they are the only ones who see profits from this application.

If you have any opinion about this article or experience with this application, feel free to comment. Can you recommend any other app for us to review? Just like this review, which comes from a comment we received, we will bring it as soon as possible.




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