Cashman Casino – Slots, A Legit App To Win?

Cashman Casino – Slots, Does it pay or is it Scam?

The first thing is that Cashman Casino – Slots is a game developed by Product Madness , a studio that has an endless number of other applications similar to this one.

This game is supposed to be paying you to play in some kind of virtual casino . In this blog we will never recommend that you play games of chance , nor invest in them, what we do is review this application to find out if Cashman Casino is legitimate or one of the many scams that we find.

It came out almost 6 years ago (November 21, 2016) and already has more than 10 million downloads , more than 400,000 comments that are quite diverse, but still reach a score of 4.4 stars.

What is Cashman Casino – Slots?

Developed by Product Madness , Cashman Casino – Slots is a kind of game that seeks to simulate various games of a real casino .

Although its graphics are good and its interface quite beautiful, I wouldn’t advise you to try it, because games of chance are generally highly addictive.

This game seems to have it all. An addictive game, good graphics, a simple and beautiful interface and integrated purchases , yes, just as you read. As you reach a level in this game your credits will decrease until they almost force you to buy them to continue playing.

The greatest success of Cashman Casino – Slots is that it perfectly manages to copy a real-life casino , thus turning it into a game in which you can spend a lot of time and, if you don’t, also money .

Installation and registration in Cashman Casino – Slots.

You go to the Play Store and search for them by name, once you get the results you choose the first one. You wait for it to download, because this time it is a bit heavy (121 MB), although due to the graphics and what it offers, I consider that this time it has a reason to be.

When the download is finished, click “open” and the game will load normally. After it loads you can create an account with Google , Facebook or enter as a visitor, once registered it will give you a bonus of 1 million coins.

How is it played?

Cashman Casino – Slots will give you some instructions to get started, the problem is that it is in English and if you don’t understand this language then you won’t understand much.

The first thing will be to give you your bonus so that you have something to play with, in addition to this, then it will allow you to participate in the daily Jackpot so that you can win even more coins and in theory play more.

In short, what you have to do is select in which “room” you want to play and once this is done, you choose how much you want to bet . You enter the game, click on “Spin” and wait for the result, if you get at least three images to match then you will win some money.

From what I was looking at, in general, all the “rooms” have the same game and although at the beginning it seems easy, you will see how after a few turns you will start to lose everything.

How is it withdrawn?

I was looking in all the buttons that Cashman Casino allowed me and the truth is that I did not find much about it. I don’t know if it was because when I entered I did it as a guest.

The point is that to be a virtual casino, the established minimum withdrawal must be quite high, taking into account the amount of money that moves and that they need to retain users as much as possible . I would bet that the withdrawal method enabled is our good friend, PayPal.

Beyond any illusion that makes you when you start, the truth is that Cashman Casino – Slots is the same as many other applications. With this I want to tell you that it does not pay, it is another waste of time and as I told you, it can even be a waste of money if you get hooked.

Final opinion of Cashman Casino – Slots.

The truth is that this game has everything to make you believe that you are going to win and never pay you , in addition to making you lose money.

I do not recommend you download it for any reason, it is a waste of time and it could even be considered a scam. If you want to have fun in the Play Store there are many good games that will do this without asking for a single penny in return and if, on the contrary, you don’t want to have fun but rather win , then check out this blog .

Here you will always find applications that pay you and that are already verified , we will also notify you if they stop paying or if we find a Scam.




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