Card Shuffle Sort Review: real or fake?

Card Shuffle Sort is a mobile game that is promoted on the internet as a pay to play app. The reality is very different from the advertising campaign of this app, as it is a total scam. Card Shuffle Sort features several gimmicks to attract new users and then retain them in the game as long as possible.
The following Card Shuffle Sort review disproves everything its advertising campaign claims. Read it to the end and find out how the app deceives users.

Card Shuffle Sort Review: is is legit?

Card Shuffle Sort is not a legitimate app as it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to gain online popularity. The app has a high rating on Google Play Store, but you should know that these are fake reviews paid by the developer to project a good image. The app is not recommended and is best avoided.

What is Card Shuffle Sort?

Card Shuffle Sort is a card game with its own unique features. The app was created by Lion Studios Plus, a developer company famous for creating fake apps. The mobile game is suitable for everyone and has already been downloaded by more than half a million users.
Card Shuffle Sort is presented as a clever color sorting game that will test your organization and puzzle solving skills. The game features a series of colored puzzle levels, gradient sorting puzzles, that test your ability to organize yourself. Card Shuffle Sort claims to be a matching game for adults that keeps you alert and cracked at the same time. The app features several levels of color sorting puzzles that increase in difficulty as you progress. Admittedly, the platform displays a palette of colors and card designs that make it visually appealing.
To register in Card Shuffle Sort you must go to Google Play Store and search for it by name, accompanied by the name of the developer, Lion Studios Plus, so you can find it faster. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your cell phone. To enter the app does not require any registration and you can start playing directly.

How to play?

When you enter Card Shuffle Sort you will see a small menu where you can access the settings, technical assistance and your game. When you touch the “Play” button you start playing and the board will appear with empty spaces and cards that you must arrange to start generating your reward. You will also have a shopping box that you should not use because the app will take your money without giving you anything in return.

The goal of the game is to group a certain amount of cards of the same color. When you enter the game you have a board with several free spaces as well as others that you have to unlock as you advance to the next level. You will also have cards of different colors that appear in some of these spaces. The cards will be divided by color. At the beginning there are only two, but after a while more colors will be added. What you have to do is to move them from one side to the other to get at least 10 of the same color. When this happens you can change them to the “base” and they will be exchanged for coins. Throughout the game rewards are mentioned and some advertisements will appear to interrupt your game.


When it comes to collecting your winnings you will be unpleasantly surprised to see that Card Shuffle Sort has no payout box, no payment methods and no minimum withdrawals. The app is a complete scam and should not be present in Google Play Store.

Conclusion of Card Shuffle Sort

Card Shuffle Sort does not pay because it is just one of the many scams that are in Google Play Store and should not exist. You should not download this app to your cell phone and if you have already downloaded it, delete it right now.
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Card Shuffle Sort does not pay.

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