CashNet – Win Real Money – App Legitimate Or Scam? [Review]

CashNet – win real money – Does it really work?

If you are looking for a way to earn money gambling, you may be interested in CashNet – win real money , or at least that is what it says in each ad. Here I will take care to tell you everything I found when I put it to the test and tell you if it is a legitimate application or not.

Also, if it is your first time on the blog, you could take a look at other articles, since there is a lot of information here regarding other applications of this type. The Play Store is currently full of supposed games that pay, but many are lies and we take care of unmasking each one of them so that you don’t have to waste your time and can focus only on the ones that work.

You can even find the names of several lists at the end of the article, all of them will have several apps that do pay and that can be very helpful in case you want to earn money playing . Review them, find the one you like the most and leave us in the comments how your experience was or how long it took you to reach the minimum withdrawal, it would be of great help to keep the information updated.

What is CashNet – Win Real Money?

Look, I’d be lying if I told you I know exactly what CashNet – Win Real Money is all about , because no matter what you’re trying to do at the moment, it’s always going to interrupt an ad. You can be about to go to start a game or touch any button without any intention, an ad will always appear promoting another junk app because that is what CashNet finally is : a junk app.

Well, you will wonder who created it and if Google is already moving forward with some sanctions to prevent it from continuing to lie to more users and no, the truth is that Google has not done anything. The company is called Kamebu , it has published another 5 applications and all of them are presented as great options to earn money playing despite not being so. In fact, most of them have some word in their name that indicates that they work for this and behind it there is a large amount of marketing that seeks to position the app, but luckily they still have not succeeded.

The goal of this study is simply to get users to see as many ads as possible and then promise a payment that will never come. First you see the necessary ads for him to get a profit, before receiving even a payment.

CashNet – Echtes Geld Gewinnen

Installation and registration in CashNet – Win Real Money:

The app is easy to find and you can easily place it at the top of the results list, but this may not happen if your phone is not compatible with the game. In these cases, I recommend you review other options and, above all, never take risks with an APK that could result in a virus.

Luckily, to start playing you don’t need to make any registration. You only focus on playing and nothing else.

CashNet – Win Real Money

How does it work?

I would like to have something more concrete about how CashNet – Win Real Money works , but it turns out that it is not possible to understand anything when there are ads jumping on the screen at all times. From what you can see, it is a game in which you must connect several dots that are in different places on the screen and have different colors, but you must take care that they do not get in the way of each other or the union will be lost.

The game as such is extremely simple and does not require much effort, although it becomes somewhat addictive due to the challenge it entails. I was also able to see that they apparently have a wall of offers or at least a section called “Offers” in which I could not check either, since whenever I tried to go there, an advertisement appeared. Everything in this app boils down to that: ads that never leave you alone and completely ruin the potential of the game.

Anyway, I don’t think its creator cares much about this point, since more than looking for a great community, what he is looking for is quick money and since he knows that his method bores anyone, he wants you to see as many ads as possible before leaving; it’s a real piece of garbage.

CashNet – win real money


You can request payment through PayPal only and for this you have an icon with the wallet symbol on the main screen, you just have to press it. Once you do, you will be able to enter your PayPal email , which I do not recommend doing, since we are not talking about an application that is exactly reliable.

Payment is supposed to arrive between 1 and 3 days , but the truth is that you will be waiting your whole life. In addition, the minimum withdrawal is 25,000 diamonds , which seems impossible to reach and also impossible to calculate in value, since they never tell you how much this figure is equivalent to.

CashNet – win real money

Does CashNet – Win Real Money work?

I think that if you read the whole article, it is more than clear that CashNet – Win Real Money is an app that does not pay and that, in fact, only seeks the benefit of its creator. The best thing you can do is delete it from your cell phone, after all it won’t even serve you to have fun and on the contrary, it will end your patience. The ads are not accidental and denote the intention of their creators, so it is best to delete it as soon as possible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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