Easter Bunny – Bingo Games – A Real Paying App Or Just Scam?

Easter Bunny – Bingo Games – Pay?

Perhaps you have already seen Easter Bunny – Bingo Games , an online game to earn money that you can install on your cell phone and that will give us the option of getting some pesos in exchange for using it for a few minutes each day. The game is extremely simple and the promise it makes is nothing new, since we have seen it hundreds of times in the Play Store, and all that remains is to prove how true it is.

I remind you before starting that in this blog we have nothing to do with any studio or app, we are just users like you. We review some apps and tell you if they are legit so you can use them with confidence. The same if it is a junk app, we tell you so that you do not use it and waste your time. We know how frustrating this process is and so we want to help you, so we test them for as long as possible and then tell you our results.

Besides, you can freely review the blog, here you will find both reporting about various apps, as well as articles with more information in case they are a legitimate application. We, like you, are looking for an online game to earn money that can help us and another one to add to the lists. By the way, I recommend that you read until the end, since there you will have the names of some lists with legitimate applications.

What is Easter Bunny – Bingo Games?

As you might well suspect from its name, Easter Bunny – Bingo Games is a bingo game that tries to stand out a bit from its competition, but fails. All the marketing they have done to the app, all the promises of being an online game to earn money is just a way to attract users, since this will never happen. The app has an objective, and that is for you to see ads, but it will not distribute any type of profit to you.

This app was created by Westside View Group, a company that has published three other apps so far and it seems they all have the same promise: pay users. During this time I have seen several advertisements that promote their various games and they are all presented to the public as a unique opportunity that no one should miss, since they are not common apps but online games to earn money and this always makes them stand out.

The promise, as I told you, is nothing new and in fact it is used a lot by developers, since it is increasingly difficult to stand out in the Play Store. This, coupled with the opportunity to get a quick buck, causes creators to end up lying without stopping to think about how much damage they do.

Easter Bunny - Bingo Games

Installation and registration in Easter Bunny – Bingo Games :

You can find the app easily, unless it is not compatible with your cell phone. If this is the case, it is best to look for another option and do not try to download an APK because this could be very dangerous.

Luckily to play you don’t need any type of registration, so you can rest easy because you won’t have to leave any sensitive data.

Easter Bunny - Bingo Games

How does it work?

When you enter Easter Bunny – Bingo Games you will see a tab in which you can press the “Play” button or the one with an arrow, in this way the game will start. For the game you will have two boards and a great advantage, since by unlocking a prize you can make several boxes be marked on the two cards. You will also have several aids scattered around the screen.

If you have never played bingo, I will explain a little how it works: the first thing is that you must locate the bar that appears at the top of the screen, since the balls will appear there with the number that you must look for and the letter of the box in which it should be located. Each of the balls will have a limited few seconds, so you need to search quickly or you will lose the opportunity to mark it on your board, in case it is there. If you locate one of those numbers in the row that points to you, you just have to press the box in which it is located and it will be marked.

You win when you have a complete row of squares checked, it doesn’t matter if it’s diagonal, horizontal or vertical. Once this happens you will be able to “yell Bingo” and be victorious along with the reward that he offers you.

online game to earn money


Apparently the promise of being an ” online game to earn money ” is just a lie, since once you enter they forget about it. There is no withdrawal box , nor does it allow you to see payment methods despite the fact that the PayPal logo was seen in its ads . It is also not possible to see a withdrawal minimum and all you have is a buy box where you can spend your earnings , but there are no other options.

online game to earn money

Does Easter Bunny – Bingo Games pay?

No, Easter Bunny – Bingo Games does not pay and it is best not to install it and if you already have it, then delete it. It won’t work for anything other than fun and that’s only in case you really like the game. In addition, in the Play Store there are many bingo games that can replace this one and above all, don’t lie about what they are going to give you.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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