CashTube – $200 for watching videos? (Review)

We will be writing a review about CashTube, an app that although, is similar to YouTube as its name says, has a feature that differentiates it greatly, CashTube, does it pay you to watch videos and ads? If what you are looking for is an application that pays, you’re in the place, because in this blog about famous applications or we can see in other games ads, which promise to pay you for making use of them.

In most of my articles of explained the importance of paying attention when downloading an application in which we are going to invest so much time, it is not something we should leave lightly, since even for this to come to pass we have to give a series of data, such as our bank account where Aaron the deposit, our PayPal account, etc.. Of course not in all cases is the same, it all depends on the type of application, its veracity and many factors that not to be long this section of the article, I will leave for last.

What is CashTube?

CashTube, is an application for all types of people, as it is on YouTube you can find videos of all kinds, of different categories and there will always be something for the tastes of each person. In this application is an application that will give you the opportunity to earn money watching videos or ads.

The home feed in the application, will be according to your personal tastes and the things you are used to or used to see, all this in order to make it a little more pleasant experience browsing the app, and what better way to find a good way to make money, watching sports videos, animals, cooking tips, or just get a laugh.

I must emphasize that within this application, as expected, make use of many ads, which is normal because in these apps that pay, is their way to finance and get more money.

Installation and registration in CashTube:

the installation is simple, and nothing different from the installation process of other applications, you can download it on any mobile device, on the Google Play platform, this app has more than 5 million downloads, is suitable for over 17 years, and has more than 42,000 opinions, which is quite a lot.

The last update it received was on February 6, 2023, this means that it is a fairly updated application and that its developers are often giving it maintenance, this can speak very well or very bad, and I hope that this maintenance is not for dissatisfaction of users, but to really worry about giving a good service those people who dare to download the app.

Payments on CashTube:

Using the app and reading reviews, it really makes me very complicated to reach a final verdict on whether the app actually pays or not, as I have been able to read many dissatisfaction of users within the Google Play platform, saying that when you want to withdraw money, they give you the excuse of what they do not pay you a certain region, whether it is a country, continent, or whatever the case may be, may be this is their mode of operation to not fulfill the promise of the principle, which is that it is a paying application, in case what this is true, and these opinions are true, it is a pity because it means that there are still developers who do not mind playing with people’s time, as long as they add certain dollars to their bank accounts, which in the long run will not really benefit them as if they were a legitimate application.


My conclusion, on this occasion will be not to recommend the app, as it seems very unlikely that we will make a deposit, in case it is real and truthful, so I’m going to give it a 0/5 this time, I will not recommend something that I’m not 100% sure it works, however we should not be discouraged, because out there and on the platform of our preference, There are apps that do pay, and our blog is to facilitate that search, that many people who may not know this website, it will take them more time, so it is a good way to spend time, and have a little fun, it is almost unlikely that we will have a monetary reward or remuneration, as we want to call it.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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