Fun Difference: Spot It – Legit or Scam? (Review)

Today I bring you a new article, in which we will be adding a new application in our list of apps that do pay, or disproving a fake application that just do not know how to waste our time, so read on if you are interested in generating money online using apps, or just want to know in the future which applications not to use and which ones to use.

It seems to be a new application, Fun Difference: Spot It, however this does not mean that it is not legitimate, or that it can not pay, maybe we are among the first lucky ones to discover an application that pays us, without being so famous, with so many downloads, read on to find out much more


What is Fun Difference: Spot It?

Fun Difference: Spot It, is an application, which personally had not seen this type of dynamic other applications which have made a review, is simple, and does not have much is science, although usually applications in which we seek to generate extra income, are never complicated, since it is what the developer wants is that the user feels comfortable using it, so that if you do not become tedious, and want to use it again,

You must find the differences within a couple of images that will put you, puts you a test game, so you go seeing the dynamics of the games and activities or tasks, which will put you in the future, if you are an observant person, believe me it will be a piece of cake for you, and perhaps if you are looking for a while of entertainment, streamline your mind, it is a good choice.

Installation and registration in Fun Difference: Spot It

Within the registration and installation of the application, does not vary much, you must search for the application on the Google Play platform and then click on download, as mentioned above this application is new in the middle, has very few downloads, has no visible reviews, and those reviews that I can see, believe me they are purchased.

I do not want much in those reviews that seem to be repetitive or that were published more or less on the same day, as usually developers pay people who have accounts on the platform, to make a positive review of your application, and thus to create a bond of trust for users, and that they trust and download the app, so I think you should be a very cautious person, and not take lightly the fact of looking for an application that pays you.

Its last update was on March 3, 2023, to date it is less than a week old, but it is also for the same reason that it is a new app, I was looking for reviews in different places, and they are all negative, they say it will help you relax, have a fun time, and after that receive a cash reward, and it never happens, so we have reached the final verdict, and this app is completely scam.

Payments in Fun Difference: Spot It:

Within the logistics they carry out to make the payments they promise, it is supposed to use in the bank in quotation marks, from Oxxo, which is a company that worked in Mexico, is a self-service store, not a bank as such, so it makes me a little mysterious, that they do not use PayPal, but well, anyway, this application does not pay, it will waste your time, and it is better not to download it in the first instance, so they will avoid bad times, and loss of valuable hours that could be used for anything other than using this app.


I am very aware of the situation we face today, in which we need to generate as much money as we can, so many people resort to looking for applications that pay, or maybe it is not out of necessity, but because we are looking for a while of entertainment, and what better to get paid for this, however I reiterate, it is very important to be careful with this, and look very well in what application is we are going to invest our time, understand that this can not leave it lightly, as we are often providing personal data, and this we can not do it anywhere, only in those that are legitimate, and that takes care of our personal information, that there is no leak, or whatever the case.

In this situation and at this time, we are facing a scam, sadly many are discouraged when they do not see results quickly, but I must tell you that this is perseverance, you came to the right place, as our blog we have a list of apps that do pay, and in case you find an application that promises to pay, and want to know about its veracity, perhaps we have a review of that application, so you could look for it on our page.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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