Circus Winner: bingo for win Review: real or fake?

Circus Winner – bingo for win is a bingo game that is promoted on the internet as a pay to play app. The reality is the opposite of what this advertising campaign says, as the app will not pay you for that task or for any other. The platform works through malicious strategies to attract new users and retain them in the game as long as possible.
The following review denies everything that the Circus Winner – bingo for win advertising campaign says, read it to the end and find out all the details.

Circus Winner – bingo for win: is it legit?

Circus Winner- bingo for win is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to gain online popularity. The app is in early access because the developer does not want users to disclose publicly that the app does not pay. Circus Winner- bingo for win highlights in its advertising campaign that it pays and gives prizes for playing, which is not true. The platform takes advantage of people’s desire to win quick and easy money, so it creates a fake app to lure the unwary.

What is Circus Winner- bingo for win?

Circus Winner – bingo for win is a free bingo game for Android that presents itself as a relaxing, entertaining game that delivers great prizes. The app was created by the developer SunnySmileGames, is suitable for ages 13 and older and is available worldwide. Circus Winner – bingo for win can be played online and offline, the game also has multi-bingo and puzzles.
To download . Circus Winner – bingo for win on your cell phone you must go to Google Play Store and you will find it right away. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. To enter the app you do not need to register, you can start playing directly. That is a negative aspect of the app, as it does not provide security and if one day you lose your phone, you will also lose what you have won.

How to play?

When you enter Circus Winner – bingo for win you will see a tutorial that explains how the game works, but it is explained quite poorly. The tutorial instructs about the boxes you can use, technical assistance, bonus and rewards. The interface is good and easy to use, the game displays ads all the time.

Your goal as a player is to get five squares in a row to match, either diagonally, vertically or horizontally, to get a big reward. Otherwise, you can be satisfied with marking some squares that are presented to you after turning a button, and you can get coins. However, as the game is confusing, try to do what you understand and earn as many coins as possible.
Regarding the money, your reward is recorded automatically.


Circus Winner – bingo for win pays through various methods: PayPal, CashApp, PayTM, Ter, Coinbase, Banco Inter, NuBank, among others. The game has no minimum withdrawal, so you decide when to claim. The problem is that your money will never reach your account because it is all a scam.

Conclusion of Circus Winner – bingo for win

Circus Winner – bingo for win does not pay because it is one of the many junk apps on the Google Play Store. The real intention of the platform is that you see as many ads as possible for them to earn money, without ever rewarding you for your time. You should not download this app to your cell phone, as it represents a waste of time.

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Circus Winner – bingo for win does not pay.

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