Tik Tube Review: real or fake?

Tik Tube is a short video application that is promoted on the internet as a paying app. The reality is the opposite of the app’s advertising campaign, as you will not be paid for watching short videos or for any other activity. The platform presents several gimmicks to catch new users and retain them within the app as long as possible.
The following review disproves everything that Tik Tube’s advertising campaign says. Read it to the end and find out all the fraudulent features of this fake app.

Tik Tube: is it legit?

Tik Tube is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to become famous online. Tik Tube takes advantage of the huge success of short videos on legitimate platforms like TikTok and Youtube, creating a junk app to make money.
Tik Tube remains in early access despite having over a million downloads worldwide. That’s because the developer doesn’t want users to publicly disclose that the app doesn’t pay. The app offers hundreds of dollars in prizes and has a very high withdrawal threshold, which shows how fake the platform is.

What is Tik Tube?

Tik Tube is a short video app that is presented in the Google Play Store as an app that pays a lot of money to watch short videos, with interesting and entertaining content for people of all ages. The app was created by developer StepsFun TT VA, famous for creating fake apps. Tik Tube shows ads all the time. You can make in-app purchases, which are paid for with real money. Do not buy anything inside the app because they will keep your money.
To download Tik Tube on your cell phone just go to Google Play Store and search for it by its name, you will find it right away. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device.
To enter the app you don’t need to register, you can start watching short videos directly.

How does it work?

The operation of Tik Tube is similar to Tiktok, copying all its features in its development.
When you enter TiK Tube you will see a screen similar to Tiktok and YouTube in mobile version, only this one will have added several annoying features. If you look closely you will also notice that at the top of the screen there is a bar where your reward is saved. When you enter the app you will receive a welcome bonus that you will never actually get paid.
The only way it works is that you browse through all the videos they offer, find one you like and proceed to watch it as long as possible. At the moment you watch any video you will see a bar that loads, in this bar is calculated the time you have spent to give you the corresponding reward.
Tik Tube pays through PayPal, PicPay, Coinbase, DANA and OVO. The minimum withdrawal is $500 dollars, which is too high for an app.


When you claim your payment on Tik Tube, the app will force you to watch ads to get paid. Even if you see them, Tik Tube will never pay you because it is a junk app.

Conclusion of Tik Tube

Tik Tube does not pay because it is a fake app of the many that are in Google Play Store and should not exist. You should not download this app on your cell phone because it represents a waste of time. The real intention of the platform is that you watch as many videos as possible for the developer to make money, without ever paying you for your time, as other apps do.

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Tik Tube does not pay.


  1. I noticed tik tube doesn’t pay .they give 24 hours to watch videos and you are number 340 in the queue to be paid.there you play the videos your ranking does not go down it keep on going up and down example:you have reached ranking 25 and keep on watching the videos then the next hour you check your progress only to find that you are number 35 this app must be removed FFFAKE

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