Step Master, Do You Pay $20 To Walk? [Review]

Step Master, does this work pay off?

I’ll tell you about Step Master , an application to earn money by walking that at first it seems that it will be part of the apps that do pay . To know all the information I invite you to read the entire article or if your lack of patience is such, then skip to the end, there will be the answer you are looking for.

Remember that we have nothing to do with any study that is dedicated to creating this type of apps, we are only looking for an application to earn money just like you. We share each experience because we know how difficult it is to find apps that do pay , but do not have the slightest doubt that each opinion I would buy is sincere and is not manipulated under any circumstances.

I can’t tell you much about the application because there isn’t much information available, it only shows that it was updated for the last time on October 21 of this year and it has just over 500,000 downloads, although you can’t see any comments available.

What is StepMaster?

Here we find another application to earn money walking that is promoted as the best, the last thing in the world that will make us happy, but I don’t think it is so. Generally, for an app of these to work, it must have a very well established and planned project, especially if it will pay you for walking , something that Step Master does not have .

Besides, let me clarify the doubt, no application to earn money is full of advertising since before launching the app to the public they look for sponsors and different sources of income so as not to saturate the user and that he ends up leaving. This of course is a clear difference to what you will find once you enter Step Master because believe me it will be full of ads.

Besides, I must warn you that this app was created by Fsj Games , a studio that has published seven applications of this type, all of them are presented as apps that do pay and so far none of the ones we have tested have fulfilled this promise. I don’t think that one day it will be a reality, so the best thing is that you start avoiding each app that has this seal.

Installation and registration in Step Master.

Although it has a somewhat generic name and could well cause the search engine to throw us any other app before this one, the truth is that it is not difficult to find it. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, below you will have a link for you to check.

Nl asks you for no registration nor does one ask you to link an account, you just have to open the application daily and this will be taken as “login” and of course they will give you a reward for it.

How to play?

I think that once again we are facing an application of which we are aware of its use without even having opened it, but if you are a newbie I will tell you a little about what is going on. Step Master is an application to earn money by walking and as such it is what we must do, just make sure that you give it the corresponding permissions so that it can access your physical activity and in this way it can count the steps.

Curiously, when entering here, it does not ask you for any information, which is common in other apps that reward you for walking , but here it seems that they forgot about that. Maybe the creator was too busy creating PUAs for his benefit that he forgot.

When you enter you will have a screen in which data such as your daily goals, steps taken and kilometers traveled are written. Each time you meet one of these goals, a new one will appear, of course, for each one you will be rewarded and your only task is to walk every day whenever you can. In addition, you will also have things like a scratch card or a roulette wheel.


You can request your payment through PayPal only, in addition to the promise that in seven business days the money will be in your account. The minimum withdrawal on this occasion is $50 dollars , although you can also make withdrawals in the amount of $100 and $200 dollars.

Final opinion of Step Master.

It’s honestly rubbish and you could see it coming from the start. It looked like any money making app that is designed to attract users and play to their illusions, after all it is full of advertisements demonstrating their intentions. Step Master doesn’t pay , so don’t waste your time.

You can access lists in this blog where you can really find apps that do pay and of course each of the applications on these lists were verified. To go to them, just find the search engine and place the following names: “Five applications that help you earn money” , “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” and “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” .

Also below there is a link in which is the link to the most extensive list, surely in it you can find an application to earn money that pays you for doing what you like. Remember that you can also leave the name of the app you want us to review in the comments, we will do it as soon as possible and we will give you an honest opinion.




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