Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash Review: real or fake?

Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash is a game that is promoted on the internet as an app that pays and gives gift cards for playing games and doing tasks. The truth is the opposite of what this advertising campaign says, since the app will not pay you to play or for any other activity. The platform presents several malicious strategies to attract new users and retain them on the platform as long as possible.
The following review will disprove everything Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash says in its advertising campaign. Read it to the end and find out all the details.

Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash: is it legit?

Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims and uses misleading advertising to gain online popularity. The app has a good reputation on Google Play Store because the developer pays fake reviews for the app to project a good image.
Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash takes advantage of people’s desire to make quick and easy money and creates a fake app.

What is Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash?

Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash is an app that is presented in Google Play Store as a great opportunity to earn money by playing games and performing various tasks. All options are available without any restrictions. You can install external applications to play games, do tasks and earn money.
Every day there is a daily bonus that gives you points that can eventually be exchanged for cash.
Money Genius -Play & Earn Cash is an app created by Amjad Aps, a developer company famous for creating apps that do not pay.
To download Money Genius to your cell phone just go to Google Play Store and search for it by name and you will find it right away. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible for your device.
To access the app you need a Gmail account and register your cell phone number.
Money Genius has a disturbing feature if you don’t live in USA: to access the app it requires you to install a VPN that has a network in the USA, UK or Canada. If you do not install this VPN you will not be able to log in.

How to play?

Once you have installed the VPN that Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash requires, you will be able to see the tasks and games that you have available to perform and to play. Each task or game has a value in points that you can exchange for cash. The platform claims to pay on the first day of each month. Money Genius has several payment methods: PayPal, Bkash Nagod, gift cards, free diamonds for Free Fire, among others.


Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash requires you to install a VPN on your cell phone to access your data. You could potentially suffer theft of passwords, personal information, banking information, among other sensitive data.
Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash does not pay, as it is a scam with the purpose of stealing your information.

Conclusion of Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash

Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash does not pay because it is one of the many junk apps in the Google Play Store that should not exist. The real intention of this platform is that you install a specific VPN on your cell phone to steal information from you. Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash is highly dangerous and you should never download it to any device and much less install a VPN. Apps of all kinds have become incredibly popular all over the world. Unfortunately many platforms are being exploited for cybercrime.

If you want to earn money through legitimate apps, explore AppsPayingMe. This website analyzes each of the apps that are released on the market and makes unbiased reviews of them. Before installing an app on your cell phone, you should get informed first so you won’t be disappointed.
The key is to only focus on legitimate apps, choose one and use it in your free time to generate extra income while you are entertained.

Currently there are apps that will pay you to read emails, play games, watch videos, visit websites, complete surveys, accept offers, among other proposals.



Money Genius-Play & Earn Cash does not pay.

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