BananApp Review: make money in your free time

BananApp is an app and also a website where you can earn money in your free time by performing tasks such as playing games, completing offers, answering surveys, downloading applications, among others.
BananApp, just like the website, rewards players’ efforts. For succeeding in the game by moving to the next levels, developing characters, you receive points that you can then exchange for valuable rewards. Therefore, the time you spend playing is a lot of fun, and most importantly, you earn money. You can also get rewards for sharing opinions about games, expressing what you really think.

BananApp: is it legit?

Both BananApp and its website Banantic are completely legitimate. BananApp is a free app developed by Sedoc Studio, LLC, suitable for all ages and to date has over 100 thousand downloads. The app has a good rating on Google Play Store and is currently paying.

What is BananApp?

BananApp is a GPT (get-paid-to) app, in which you earn money by performing specific tasks. As a user you can earn Bananas, equivalent to points, by playing games, downloading applications, completing trial offers, answering surveys, among others.
To download BananApp on your cell phone you have to go to Google Play Store and search for it by its name and you will find it right away. If you do not find it is because it is not compatible with your device. You can also download BananApp from its website Bananatic. To register in the application you must provide an email address, a password and complete your personal data.

How to make money?

When you enter BananApp you will find a wide variety of options to earn money. The platform is partnered with other platforms, which offer many tasks. BananApp displays an Offer Wall where you will find platforms such as KiwiWall, Revenue Universe, Peanut Labs, TheoremReach, OfferDaddy, Aye Studios, HandADS, Revenue WalL and many more. Each of these platforms offers you different tasks to do, the payment for each task depends on the country you are in, if you are in the United States you will receive a better payment. However, most of the options offer a decent payout regardless of the country you live in. Generally each task pays one dollar on average, but you have an infinite number of tasks to do. BananApp users earn up to $100 dollars per month, dedicating some of their free time every day.

BananApp has a fun zone where it offers a lot of free mini-games, but as they don’t pay and only entertain, you better ignore them.
The application has options where you have to try certain services where you pay and then they replace your money and also pay you separately for having tried that service. As in this case you must invest to earn, it is better to avoid these proposals and only focus on the ones that pay.

The application offers a referral program, where you get a link to share. You get 10% of the earnings generated by those who signed up with your link.

How do you get paid?

BananApp pays through PayPal, CS GO masks, Visa prepaid card, Steam Keys and many more options.
Each Banana earned in the app is equivalent to $0.002. The minimum withdrawal is $5 dollars, equivalent to 2500 Bananas.

Conclusion of BananApp

BananApp is currently paying and is worth using in your spare time to earn extra income, rather than browsing social networks, for which you will never get paid anything. BananApp has good reviews overall, although it also has negative reviews complaining about the app’s interface, arguing that the Bananatic website is much better to use. However, the app achieves the user’s ultimate goal of making money.

If you want to generate income through other legitimate apps besides BananApp, explore AppsPayingMe. Here you will find unbiased reviews of every app that comes on the market, determining whether it is fake or legitimate. The key is to choose a reliable app or apps and monetize your free time. Nowadays, apps pay you for various tasks that are worth taking advantage of: reading emails, playing games, giving opinions, watching videos, walking, running, answering surveys, listening to music, among others.



BananApp is currently paying.

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