CoinBoom – Is it paying? (Review)

You have probably heard about this application, which we will be reviewing today, this is CoinBoom, an application to earn money Online, which is shown as if it were the best application of this type, it is normal to find ads for similar applications, however the developers of the same, promise that this is the best option for you, sadly most of the time, this ends up being a lie, usually junk applications, if you want to learn to take care of your time, and not fall into these scams, I recommend you read our blog, because here you can find a complete list of applications that do pay.

What is CoinBoom?

It is an application with more than 100,000 downloads, it seems to be a bit new so it may be an application that is constantly being given attention by its developers, its last update was on March 10, 2023, this means that it was relatively recently on today’s date, it is for audiences over 13 years old.

Something I must emphasize at this time, is that it is a bit complicated to find the Google Play platform, as there is another more famous application and with more scope, which is called the same way that we are reviewing, so if you decide to download this application, regardless of whether or not it is true that pay, you must be careful and verify if it is correct, this can be achieved by verifying that it is the same study (Bipinwin) and the image of the app.

Installation and registration in CoinBoom:

As I mentioned before, it is an application a little complicated to find, and the application must be compatible with the device that is used to download the app, it is not necessary that after downloading it, you must create an account in the game, that does not ask you and there are applications that do, this is mostly with the intention that you can store your achievements, coins and earnings, and in case what happens in some error with the application or with your phone, you do not lose the progress.

As most of the times, the application will give you a reward for being the first time you use the game, I have commented this in many more articles, and it is to captivate you, usually after this, maybe the earnings are declining, and being lower and lower, this is for obvious reasons for the applications that do pay. They have several options to earn money, you can even earn for watching TikTok videos, play games within the app, such as casino, others in which you only have to press the screen to win money, etc, they have a great variety, in case they do not pay, at least it is a good form of entertainment.

Payments in CoinBoom:

I’m realizing what this application is garbage, since I just saw the first red signal within it, and is that the minimum withdrawal amount is 2000 pesos, and the profits are very low, so while its form of operation is not giving you very large profits for you to get excited, you think you are becoming a millionaire playing 10 minutes a day a fairly simple game, is that they are paying you little money, with a very high minimum withdrawal amount, so that it becomes very complicated for you to reach the goal, and can hardly claim your prize.


Once again we were in front of a scam and garbage application, as most of the time this happens because the developers want to get rich at the expense of people looking for a way to earn extra income, that is and I have to recognize that it is very complicated to find an application that meets the standards that we define when we want to download an app that pays us money to play or answer surveys, etc, however this is not impossible, and as I mentioned earlier in the blog, here we have the solution for you as we have created a list of apps that pay, in order to streamline this whole process to make it easier for you.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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