Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency, Pay To Play? [Review]

Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency, Scam or Pay?

This time we will talk about Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency , an  application to earn free cryptocurrencies  that is promoted as an  app that does pay . The game looks pretty plain and it certainly is, as it’s also kind of boring and plain. But hey, the important thing is that it really is an  app that does pay  and doesn’t end up as another hoax.

Stay until the end to find out everything, how it works and what to expect. If this is an  app that does pay,  we will not hesitate to tell you so that you can get a  good extra income , the same will happen if it is a  scam application . You can rest assured, we don’t promote applications or studies here, so all the information you can find is honest and you can check it yourself.

Well, now yes, let’s check out this supposed  application to earn free cryptocurrencies  that seems to be so popular among cryptocurrency lovers. This application was published in April 2019, I’ll tell you why the publication date is important in this type of apps. It was last updated this year and has more than 1 million users.

What is Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency?

Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency is simply a game in which we must be combining different cats, just as we would in a puzzle game. Keep in mind that the cats will be like tiles that you must move and with which you must form pairs. This isn’t exactly the best free cryptocurrency earning app, but at least it’s ad-free.

The fact is that it was created by  Realis , a studio that I still don’t have any reference to, but I could get an idea of ​​it by reviewing its profile. The first thing is that it has few published applications (only two apps), and with them it keeps  generating profits  for the creator and exciting users.

All applications created by  Realis  are presented to users as an  application to earn free cryptocurrencies , both are generic copies and all swear to be an  app that does pay . From what I reviewed, they also have an excellent rating despite being  somewhat iffy apps .

Application to earn free cryptocurrencies - app that does pay

Installation and registration in Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency:

It has a rather long name, but this manages to make the app easy to find and it can be positioned in the list of results. You can look for it on your own if you like, but personally I can assure you that you are not missing anything and of course I invite you not to install any APK.

Registration in this application will be required and registration will require a Google account or email and password. If you choose the second option, don’t forget to verify your account.

Crypto Cast: Earn Cryptocurrencies

How to play?

Upon entering Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency you will see a small menu and the promised game. The game is more than simple and consists of dragging one cat on top of another so that they form a new one. In the same way the game will have some instructions to start and it will guide you through the different configurations.

At the top of your cell phone you will see some bars in which there are several boxes, among them are the coins and tokens that they give you (the game has its own token). Everything consists solely of forming pairs, on the screen you will have several free spaces and as you progress, you will see how they fill up and new options appear and new cats are unlocked.

The reward will be delivered in the middle of the game, although it is not possible to know if they are coins or tokens until they are delivered to you. Each one has a different account and you can review it to know how you are doing. In addition, you can also see one or another advertisement to multiply your reward.

Crypto Cast: Earn Cryptocurrencies


Here comes the worst of all, your token has not been released to the market yet , so it is not possible to request a withdrawal yet . There is no minimum withdrawal due to this , it is only known that you can withdraw it to a virtual wallet through the network that is compatible, but nothing else.

The problem is that although there are many projects that take a while, this project has already been going on for more than two years and it still doesn’t seem to hope that its token will be published and made official. 

Application to earn free cryptocurrencies - app that does pay

Conclusion of Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency:

Although at first it looked pretty good, now it seems that it is nothing more than a waste of time. If the game won’t take that long, I would recommend it, but it’s impossible for a serious project to take that long, especially considering that there is no file that reports how it progresses or when the token comes out . Crypto Cats: Earn Cryptocurrency is a non-paying app . If this changes in the future and becomes legitimate, we’ll let you know, but at the moment it doesn’t seem to work.

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Do not forget that you can also search for multiple applications in our articles, and that here there are more than 400 reviewed apps. If you can’t find the name of the app you’re looking for, then post it in the comments and we’ll review it as soon as possible. Besides, you can also leave any suggestion or doubt right there.




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