BitCoin Connect, Can You Earn Money Playing? [Review]

BitCoin Connect, Do you earn money with this application?

Today we will review another app from Jia22 called BitCoin Connect and find out if it is a paying app or a junk app. Although it is true that Jia22 has earned my distrust thanks to two more applications that I have reviewed. But hey, the third time is the charm, right? This will also help us identify if Jia22 is a developer of scam apps.

We know that the PlayStore is more infested with junk apps than apps that do pay, but that’s what we’re here for. At the end of the article we will leave the verdict of the application and in case it is not the application for you, you will have a list of apps that do pay. We will find applications to earn money playing games, applications to earn free cryptocurrencies and more.

This article is based on my experience with BitCoin Connect, I have also researched the application to draw conclusions. In addition to the fact that I have already had experience with Jia22 applications, so I have been detailing everything because the developer does not have a very good reputation. So let’s see if BitCoin Connect pays or is it a scam app.

What is BitCoin Connect?

BitCoin Connect is a free cryptocurrency win app developed by Jia22 and released on April 24, 2022. If you have already read Mega Win Slots and Cube Master – 3D 2048 Cube review, you know that the developer has had a lot of bad reviews. All this because the aforementioned apps turned out to be PUAs. With all this in mind, of course I did not go with good expectations.

Looking at it as a game, it might be entertaining for some people, but not necessarily a good game. What it did have was good Marketing, due to all the advertising about the application. And it is that many people downloaded it for the incentive of being an application to earn money.

The application of course contains ads and is intended for teenagers and older people. For such a simple game, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was for all ages. But of course, because it is an application to earn money, they have to set age limits.

BitCoin Connect

Installation and registration in BitCoin Connect:

The app can be easily found on the Google PlayStore just by doing a search. It will probably appear among the first results, since the application is quite popular. With more than 50 thousand downloads and 2.42 thousand opinions.

The application does not require registration, so you don’t have to worry about filling out any form. The negative point is that if you change or lose your cell phone, you will lose all the progress you have in the application.

BitCoin Connect

How does it work?

The application works in a very simple way, our goal is to combine as many symbols as possible. These symbols will be of Cryptocurrencies, since that is the theme of the game. We will have the symbols of BTC, BNB, DOGE, ETG, SHIB and XRP, quite popular cryptocurrencies today.

On our screen there will be many of these symbols that we must combine. We can do it by touching all the same symbols that are grouped, for each group of symbols that we combine we will earn a reward. This game mode would be very repetitive and boring, but to this they add enhancers that we can use to improve our experience. As are the hammer, the roulette wheel and the random button.

We will also have a prize wheel, with which we can obtain more rewards. We will have a kind of daily checkin in which we can win very large rewards. By this I mean being able to win an iPhone just for having a streak of days. Among these prizes we will also have cash prizes, of course. Everything in this application looks very good, and it even seems that it is made so that you do not stop winning, curious, right?

Applications to earn money playing - apps paying me


In this case we will not have payments in cash but in Cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency wallets to which we can withdraw are the same ones that are present in the game. We will be able to withdraw BTC, BNB, DOGE, ETH, SHIB and XRP easily.

For this we will have to reach the minimum threshold, which for all currencies is $1000. This amount is pretty staggering, and if you’ve read the blog before you know it’s a red flag. We’ll also have a timeout, another red flag we’ve seen in the PUAs I’ve reviewed.

Applications to earn money playing - apps paying me

BitCoin Connect Conclusion

As I already expected from Jia22, BitCoin Connect does not pay, it was no exception. More and more we delve into the core of this developer of applications to earn false money, the truth is, I am not disappointed, since I expected it to be one more. The application not only does not pay you, but also makes people believe that their payment will be made in a certain time (whether 24.72 or more hours). After concluding the waiting time, you will get an error, or it will turn out that they cannot make the transaction. Obviously these are excuses for the user not to uninstall the application.

To learn how to identify these junk apps we must learn the behavior of their developers and all their red flags. To learn more about this topic, I invite you to read other blog articles. You will find red flags of scam apps and legit money making apps. Leave me your opinion in the comments and tell me if you have had an experience like this. If you want me to review an application, do not hesitate to tell me, I will review it as much as possible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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