Fortune BingoClash win money, do you win with bingo?

Looking for apps to win money I found Fortune BingoClash earn money, a bingo application that swears to pay us to play. At this point I don’t know what to think of bingo apps, they claim to be able to pay us when it’s not true. As for its developers, I can’t say much, as this is the first money making app from them that I’ve reviewed.

My goal is to test the app and see if it is a money making app or just another scam. At the end of this article I will leave my conclusion along with a list of apps that do pay, in case this one doesn’t work. Making money online with apps is not easy, and even less so when there are many scams roaming around the PlayStore.

This review is based on my experience with the app, every user experience is different. But if the app is a scam, we will all come to the same point, so I will give my opinion, you will decide if you give a chance or not to this supposed app to win money playing.

What is Fortune BingoClash win money?

Fortune BingoClash win money is a supposed application to win money playing developed by Money Games & Bingo Studio and officially launched on August 06, 2022. It currently has over 50 thousand downloads and a 4.7 star rating. As good as this sounds let’s not forget that sometimes developers buy fake reviews.

It is a typical Bingo game combined with different games of chance that can boost your winnings within the application. Its interface is very animated, typical for a bingo game, with simple but smooth animations.

It has two sister apps which, for now, I haven’t talked about in this blog, so I don’t know if we can make money with them. After doing this review maybe I will put them on my to-do list.

Installation and registration in Fortune BingoClash win money:

We must place us in the PlayStore search engine and search for it by name, probably this among the first results. If it does not appear, we can do a small search on Google.

It has no registration process, so we can start earning rewards from the first moment we open it. This often raises doubts, since legitimate applications usually have a registration form. This is mostly done so that the user does not lose either their data or their earnings.

How does it work?

As I mentioned before, Fortune BingoClash win money is an application to win money playing bingo. We will have 4 Bingo cards and will be constantly drawing numbers, the more numbers match our bingo card the better. The game ends when you call Bingo, at that moment you can win a jackpot.

We will also have a bonus roulette, which like bingo itself, will give us incredible prizes. Everything looks pretty good in this application, but it is suspicious that it is all about winning. There is almost literally no chance of losing, neither in bingo nor in roulette. This makes me think that the developers don’t want their users to lose, which means that they will spend more time on the application.

It has many limitations to be an application to win money, especially because its interface only focuses on their games, the withdrawal area is a bit secondary. In fact, it is as if it has almost no importance. The winnings are so large (at first) that it makes us believe that the minimum amount, however high, is achievable.


Payments in this app, supposedly, are made through the PayPal payment processor, you can also redeem Amazon gift cards.

As in every Slot game we have reviewed, the payout threshold is $1000, which is a very large amount of money. Especially if we compare it with legitimate apps, which payouts range from 1$ to 15$. There is a clear difference and a red flag that we should all identify.

Fortune BingoClash Win Money Conclusion

I think at this point it is more than clear that Fortune BingoClash earn money does not pay, it is a total scam. The game incentivizes you with big prizes just to make you stick to it. They make you win huge amounts of money just so you can hope to withdraw it. The invasive ads, the bugs, the delays and the payouts that never come, everything is so that the developers end up winning. If I give you a recommendation is that you uninstall it immediately, you do not need to waste time, right now what you need is apps that do pay, real and simple.

If you want apps that do pay I recommend you to read the lists we have prepared for you, where you will find applications to earn real money. To find them you just have to go to the search engine (top right corner of the page) and search for the following terms: “Apps to earn money online 2023”, “Apps to earn free cryptocurrencies”, “Five apps that help you earn extra money”, “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” and “Best apps to earn extra money 2023”. We have collected many apps that can give you good earnings there. You will find apps to earn money by playing games, apps to earn free cryptocurrencies and much more.

We have to learn to identify this kind of junk apps to avoid falling into their traps, in the meantime go and try the apps that do pay that we recommend. Keep up to date with the blog to discover new apps to earn money and junk apps. Every day we are creating new content, so take advantage of it. Don’t forget to comment this article with your opinion about the app and if you have had any similar experience. If you have any app you want us to review, comment it, we will review it as soon as possible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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