Cute Pet: Merge Dino – How Legit Is This App? [Review]

Cute Pet: Merge Dino – Does it really pay?

Well, today we are going to talk about Cute Pet: Merge Dino , a game that seems more interesting than it really is and also promises to pay us to play just a few minutes a day. The game is nothing new and neither is its promise, so I recommend you to stay until the end to find out if Cute Pet really works or not.

Before starting, I just want to clarify that this blog has nothing to do with its creator, we are not related to the company that published it and it is not our interest to promote it, so you can rest easy because you will read an honest opinion. In fact, if you are new to the block, I invite you to review it and read our articles. Here you can find different reports about various PUAs that have been lying to their users for quite some time, and also some articles with information that could help you find legitimate apps.

Also, regardless of the result of this application, at the bottom you can find the names of several lists that gather apps that are paying. I recommend that you review them and find one that can help you. For example, you can read the TimeBucks article , an application that has been paying for several years and that can help you.

What is Cute Pet: Merge Dino?

Contrary to what you might think, Cute Pet: Merge Dino is nothing more than a puzzle game in which they mix some images of cute dinosaurs so that its aesthetics look a little better and it differs somewhat from other copies out there. in the Play Store. As such it doesn’t offer anything new and it’s just a very cheap copy of Candy Crush, but worst of all, it will come with quite a few annoying and invasive ads that will appear when you least expect it.

In case you’re wondering, the app was created by MAGICEASYGAME , a studio that hasn’t published any other app. Finding information about the company is almost impossible and not to mention the application, since it seems that few are talking about it despite its very striking promise to pay us to play. I guess this is largely because users who already have some experience know very well that this game doesn’t work and those who are just trying it are somewhat confused by what they can find in the comment box on the Play Store.

Anyway, the truth is that it is not the first study that uses this strategy to attract an audience, since many will promise to pay us to play just so that we install an application and then see ads. The best thing is always to review the information that is available and if you do not find anything you can return to this blog and give us the name of the app so that we can test it.

Cute Pet: Merge Dino

Installation and registration in Cute Pet: Merge Dino:

The app can be a little hard to find as I don’t know if it should be banned from the Play Store, but lately it doesn’t show up in search results for some phones. If you can’t find it, it’s best to jump to another option, since you won’t miss much here either and installing an APK can be somewhat risky.

Luckily, to enter it is not necessary to make any type of registration and it will not require it after playing, so if it seems to you an application that is unreliable, you can rest easy at this point.

Cute Pet: Merge Dino

How does it work?

Once you enter Cute Pet: Merge Dino you will have a simple menu and the opportunity to start a game. You will have a board full of tiles and some help or bonuses on the screen, as well as some configurations for the game such as sound. This is not a very complicated game and with a few moves you can beat the level.

The first thing you must do to successfully complete your game is pay close attention to each of the tiles that you have scattered around the board. You must review and connect the points of those figures that have an identical image, since you will have to assemble groups of at least three identical tiles and with this you will make them disappear from the board to make room for new figures and add points to finally overcome the challenge. As I told you, it is not something very complicated and it is based more than anything on observation.

The supposed reward is delivered in the middle of the game, but the best will come once you finish each level. The problem is that after a while they will start to look like ads that are mandatory and if you refuse to see them you will not receive anything.

pay us to play


You are supposed to be able to request your withdrawal through a PayPal account , although it was never quite clear to me what the minimum withdrawal was . What I do know is that once you reach the minimum threshold, a box will appear for you to fill in your information, but first it will require you to have a series of requirements such as watching 30 videos and playing for a certain time to then place yourself on a list. waiting that according to them takes from 7 to 14 days.

So far no user has managed to get out of this list, so it can be said that his payment is a total lie . He’s never going to pay you.

pay us to play

Does Cute Pet: Merge Dino pay?

I can tell you that Cute Pet: Merge Dino is just a ploy to attract an audience, but they’re never going to give you anything. Whether Cute Pet works or not, it’s clear: it doesn’t pay and you’ll only be wasting your time having it on your phone, unless you really like the game and don’t mind the ads. The best thing you can do is delete this game and make room for a new one that really pays, for this I recommend that you review our lists and find a suitable game for you.

Our lists are full of applications that have been verified by us, so we are sure that they are paying. Besides, we constantly review them to find out if they are still working or if we must delete them from the list. Field Agent is a clear example of an app that does work and that pays its users. 




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