Disco Crush Review: does it really pay?

Disco Crush is an app that is advertised as a game to earn money. The platform manifests various gimmicks to trap users and keep them captive within the application as long as possible. Disco Crush is suitable for individuals over the age of 13 because it contains gory scenes, inappropriate language and explicit violence. The application was created by the developer Bizi Gamehot and has already been downloaded thousands of times. The platform is fraudulent and does not pay to play.

Disco Crush: is it legit?

Disco Crush is not a legitimate app since it does not pay what it promises. In addition, in-game purchases are mandatory and no proof of payment is provided. Disco Crush does not pay to play, as advertised in the ads.

What is Disco Crush?

Disco Crush is an app where you can supposedly win money by playing games. The platform is available for Android and claims that you can win $1600 dollars by playing disco balls. The game is full of commercials and you are allotted rewards in excess of $100 for doing any action, which is about very high chests for an Android game. If you want the app to be ad-free, you must pay a $7 bonus.
To install Disco Crush on your Android device you simply have to search for it by name on Google Play. The platform doesn’t require you to register and you can start playing straight away. This is a bad sign, as there will be no record of your evolution as a player and you will not receive technical support.

How to play?

To start playing Disco Crush you simply touch some balls to receive prizes. Throughout the game there are several fake opportunities to win money, which you have to keep an eye out for.
The app offers a $92 sign-in bonus, but this is a fake prize with no real value. The platform also offers to play roulette for a cash prize of $86 per spin, which is never cashed out. Throughout the game the app forces users to buy certain features to unlock certain prizes, but the reality is that the prizes are never delivered.


When it comes to collecting your money Disco Crush manifests a big scam. To access the bank transfer you must pay a fee of $18 dollars to deposit your money. In the end, the bank transfer never takes place, since the platform is fraudulent.

Conclusion of Disco Crush

Dsco Crush does not pay what it promises, as it is a junk app that deceives users. The goal of the platform is to make you watch as many advertising videos as possible so that they can earn money, without paying you anything. In addition, the app tries to get as much money as it can by forcing you to buy certain elements of the game that are of no use to you.
You should not download this app to your cell phone, as you will lose time and money. The best thing to do is to ignore this app and pay attention to games that do pay. Here at AppsPayingMe you will find many legitimate games that will make you earn money and generate extra income.
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Disco Crush does not pay.


  1. This game should be shut down and anybody who played or paid for prizes that weren’t delivered should be refunded back this game is a scam and a shame

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