Earn money with Givvy shorts!, Legitimate app or scam?[Review]

Earn money with Givvy shorts!, do you really make money?

If we are clear about something, it is that Givvy is synonymous with truthfulness , so I trusted from the beginning that Earn money with Givvy shorts! is an app that does pay. But as always, despite everything, I have to do my own tests and draw my conclusions. I have already reviewed several of Givvy ‘s products such as Givvy Play , Givvy Radios , Coffey and much more. They all turned out to be legitimate apps , although of course, they are only for extra income .

If you want money making apps like Givvy ‘s or that have more earning potential , don’t forget to read our lists. At the end of the article I will leave you my conclusion about Givvy Shorts and several lists with apps that do pay . This in case you are not convinced by this application, you can find one that best suits you and your needs.

This article is made based on my experience with the app, I also did my respective research to tie up loose ends. If you want to verify that everything in this article is true, I invite you to try the application, at the end of the article I will leave you the link.

What is Earn money with Givvy shorts!?

Givvy Shorts is an app to earn money by watching Givvy short videos launched on September 29, 2022. This last one has me somewhat confused, since it was officially announced and launched just a week ago. In just 7 days, it reached 50,000 downloads, which is very impressive. But looking at Givvy ‘s history of applications, it doesn’t seem so strange to me, since they certainly offer quality .

Its rewards system is similar to its other apps with a few variations. In fact, it seems a lot like Givvy Videos to me for some reason. This application has an air of Youtube Shorts and Tiktok, it is clearly inspired by this system.

You have to take advantage as soon as possible to earn money with Givvy Shorts . Being such a new application and that is generating so many downloads, it is very possible that you can get bigger prizes.

Earn money with Givvy shorts!

Installation and registration in Earn money with Givvy shorts!:

We can search for this application in the Google PlayStore as Givvy Shorts or as Earn money with short videos! I really don’t know why the name in Spanish varies. You can download it easily and automatically.

Once installed, as soon as you open it, they will tell you how the application works and a user will automatically be created that you can then customize. To be able to edit your user you simply have to go to the profile part and hit the edit pencil. You will be able to enter your name, username and country of residence.

Before watching any video, it will give us a choice about everything about our interests, for example: Our language, Country, Our interests (Videos of interest, eg: Humor, dances, etc.) and complete the registration.

Earn money with Givvy shorts!

How does it work?

Like almost all Givvy applications, this one is very easy to use, we just have to watch videos just like on Tiktok. By sliding the screen up we can go to the next video, win rewards and so on. To be rewarded we must meet a circular loading bar, we simply have to wait for the bar to fill up to claim our reward and move on to the next video.

You can earn a good amount of coins by swiping and watching videos, since that is its main function. But apart from this we will have other functions. We can earn money on offers, for example. Offers are simple activities that reward us, these can be installing an application or registering on a website. The offer routers that we will have are: Offertoro, Tapjoy, Fyber and Cpx Research.

We can also carry out surveys in a simple way to generate extra coins. In this case we will also have survey routers. If you are not familiar with surveys, they are forms of questions that you must answer honestly. These are done so that companies know what their target audience is looking for. The poll routers that we will have are: Pollfish, Theorem and Bitlabs.

Applications to earn money by watching videos - apps paying me


In the withdrawal methods we will have a great variety, and, depending on your location, some may not be available. We will have four minimum withdrawal amounts , which are: $0.35, $0.69, $1.04, $2.20. We have already seen these amounts before with its other applications, and they are distributed in this way:

  • $0.35: Payeer, EasyPaisa, GCash, Touch n’ Go, Dana, PagBank, Revoult, airtm, Coinbase.
  • $0.69: bKash, TrueMoney, Amazon.
  • $1.04: PayPal, AdvCash, Perfect Money.
  • $2.20 : Litecoin, Binance

I love this wide variety of payment methods, and also the fact that they add PayPal to them. The minimum threshold is easy to reach and you won’t have to work as hard.

Applications to earn money by watching videos - apps paying me

Earn money with Givvy shorts! Conclusion

Yes, Givvy Shorts pays and it is definitely a legit app that is going to grow a lot more than we think. In a few days we expect it to have more than 100,000 downloads, and that’s an understatement. Once again Givvy shows us that she is a developer to trust, great things are expected from this application. Definitely if you want to earn money by watching short videos, this is the perfect option, yes, it is not a stable job. By this I mean that the income you generate in it will not be that great, it is made with the purpose of being an extra income.

Tell me what you think of this application and its developer. If you have any experience with it, don’t forget to tell us. If you know of an app that you want us to review, leave it in the comments, we will gladly review it.



If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:

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