Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys, Is trustworthy? [Review]

Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys, An application to earn real money

This occasion is something special, today we will review Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys an app from BitBurst GmbH, a very reliable developer. We have already tried several apps from this developer, such as Play4Loot, CryptoBull, Gopinion, Poll Pay, and more. I have tried all of them and they really pay. In this case we have an application to earn money with surveys very similar to Poll Pay.

This application is an application that does pay and today you will discover how it works. If you want more applications to earn money I will leave you a list at the end of this article. There you will also find all applications of BitBurst GmbH. Be one of the first to try this excellent application, at the end I will also leave you the download link.

This article is based on my experience with the application and the developer, I have also provided a lot of information that I investigated. Each user will have a different experience with these applications, so if you don’t like it, you are free to say so and find one that suits you better.

What is Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys?

Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys is an application released by BitBurst GmbH on January 31, 2023. Yes, this application is only days old on the web, but it is very sure that it is one more legitimate application. Each of the applications they have developed have paid me and this should not be the exception.

Just like Poll Pay, it is an application where you will have a wide range of surveys and offers. Payments are quite comfortable, but it depends on your country which methods you will have available. The application is only limited to that, to some extent I can say that it is a copy of Poll Pay. In fact, a good strategy is to use the two applications simultaneously.

I know that I am throwing a lot of flowers at this application to earn money, but, in these cases, the developers deserve trust. Anyway, I wanted to put it to the test, so I installed it, started answering surveys and completing offers. The interface of this app is very similar to other apps from the same studio. Although what really matters are your profit opportunities.

Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys

Installation and registration in Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys:

In this case, it is not so easy to find it since it has barely been released, which means that it does not have many accumulated downloads. It has more than 100 downloads (I can’t see exactly how many), so it’s barely getting any users. This is a good opportunity as legitimate money earning apps that are just coming out have good rewards.

To register we have 3 options, we can register with Google, Facebook or a referral code. Of course, if you register with a referral code you will have a bonus, like in their other applications.

Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys

How does it work?

The application has a fairly simple operation, we will simply have to answer paid surveys. These surveys will be worth certain in-app currencies, which you can later exchange for real money. The surveys will not take much time, and I consider that a very good way to earn money. In addition to the fact that most of the apps that have these characteristics are legitimate.

We will also have offers, which are a series of paid activities that bring good profits. In fact, it may be that with the offers you can earn more than in the surveys. The activities to be carried out are quite simple, they consist of downloading applications and installing them, registering on websites, taking surveys and much more. There are offers that can pay you more than $1 for doing them, so we must be aware of them.

To make the offers we will have the featured offers and the offer walls. Featured offers are sponsorships that the application makes or offers with very good pay. Offer walls are external sites that provide the application with offers. For now we will only have two walls of offers, which is worth mentioning, I have seen in legitimate apps and platforms. These are BitLabs and MM Wall.

Applications to earn money playing - apps Paying me


We must understand the economics of the application and the methods of payments. Payment methods may vary from one country to another, mainly PayPal is present in most of these. But in others we can find Amazon, StarBucks, OxxO, all depending on your location.

In places like Venezuela, for example, they will only have the PayPal withdrawal option available, which, for me, is one of the most convenient. The minimum withdrawal is $10, or at least the amount that I got, since it will also depend on your location.

This minimum withdrawal will require you to collect 11,000 app coins, which you can easily get from offers and surveys. Note: surveys are not available in all countries, offers will be.

Applications to earn money playing - apps Paying me

Make Cash Conclusion: Earn Money Surveys

If you ask yourself, Does Make Cash: Earn Money Surveys Pay? Let me tell you that this is an application that does pay, or for now it does. Much of this confidence lies in the fact that the developers have not defrauded any of their users. All payments have been made correctly and even I have been paid before. If my opinion changes I will update this article, but for now I will say that it is an application to trust. Of course, take it as an option to earn extra money, since it is not certain that you can get a salary from the surveys.

We must learn more every day about the apps that do pay and those that don’t, so I invite you to check our blog, we publish new content daily. Not only from applications to earn money, but also from apps that are not worth it. If you have any experience with the BitBurst GmbH apps, don’t hesitate to tell us and if you want to recommend an app for me to review, tell me. I will do a review as soon as possible.



This article and rating are subject to change

If you want to use the application and verify that this information is true, I will leave you the download link below:

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