Exeter – Can You Find A Real Job? [Review]

Exeter – Legit or not?

Perhaps you have already met Exeter , an application to find an online job that promises to be easy to use and have real offers, but since we have seen so many lies in this blog we will not trust ourselves and that is why I reviewed the app, here is what I found. Before I continue, remember that all this will be based on my experience.

You should also take into account that this blog is independent and has nothing to do with the creator of the app or with the app, so in case it fails, it is not us who you should make the claim. We have nothing to do with its creation and we are only reviewing it because it appeared in several ads and we decided to try it to see how it was, but nothing more. If it’s a working app I’ll tell you so you can use it with confidence, the same if it’s a junk app, I’ll tell you so you don’t waste your time.

Below you will have the answer to all the questions that you are surely asking yourself and you will also be able to find the names of some lists that have proven and safe applications. So far there is no application to find employment online , but we hope to add one of these soon to be able to help you or if not, you know very well that there are more than established platforms that can help you just by searching the web.

What is Exeter?

As you can imagine from the image it projects, Exeter is a supposed application to find an online job that promises to give us access to hundreds of options that can be of great help and the door to a better life, but in the end the app ends up looking like any other junk app on this topic. The interface is basically the same blah, and the offerings are very similar to some options we’ve come across before that are a complete lie, but that’s not the only negative.

But hey, you may wonder who created this app and if it is a company that has some weight on the web or is at least known and no, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The company is called Davis Joseph and so far it has not published any other registered application, so all we have left to explore is Exeter and see how legit it is and how far it is from the advertisements in which it It is always presented as the best option and the only one you should consider.

As I always tell you, this information in the ads is easily manipulated and therefore you can see that at least in this case it has worked quite well, since it has more than 100,000 downloads, although there is no public review.


Installation and registration in Exeter:

The app is quite easy to find due to its particular name, although it may not appear on some cell phones and this is due to compatibility problems with the system. If the latter is your case, I recommend that you better look for another option.

Curiously, even if it is something so serious, they do not request any registration, nor do they ask you to attach a CV and it is only until you go to apply for a job that the subject is discussed. I do not recommend you to write any very personal or sensitive data on this site, since it is not a good thing and we are not talking about a trustworthy app.

How does it work?

Once you enter Exeter you will have a tab in which there are several options available, all offers that look very good and some with more than good salaries, but not very real. An interesting aspect of this app is that it doesn’t even have boxes where you can interact, so it’s impossible to look for a job or something similar, you’ll have to settle for what they show you on the main site.

The window will be full of job advertisements and how could it be otherwise, salaries are well above average and they can rent more than one, but here comes the trick. You can select the game you want and when you enter you will have a window in which you must fill out various information, including your name, date of birth, gender, cell phone number, previous job, some information about your experience, but what surprised me , is that it asks you for the figure of the monthly income that you receive , something that does not make any sense.

With all the information that it asks you for and that it dares to ask you how much money you earn monthly , it simply seems to me the facade of some scam or data theft, so I do not recommend that you write this information because it can be something dangerous.

application to find employment online


As such, the application does not handle payments, but you must discuss this with whoever hires you and it will be your employer who tells you where to deposit you , what your salary is and how often the payments will be, so with this the app he washes his hands of any responsibility. You can have a thousand claims, they will always have the excuse that it’s not their fault, even though they don’t even have support to begin with.

application to find employment online - Exeter

Does Exeter work?

The truth is that so far Exeter is not working and I don’t think it ever will, as it seems to be just a front for data theft or even money theft . Personally, I do not recommend that you give any data that is compromising, what is more, the best thing could be that you directly jump to another option and do not even enter this app because it will not help you at all.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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