Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game – Does It Really Pay? [Review]

Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game – How real is it?

Well, I have come across Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game several times and in all of them it promises to be a paying app, but the doubt is still in my head and that is why I tried it and today I will tell you what the result was. If you are interested in knowing more, I recommend that you read until the end.

But before continuing, I want to invite you to review the blog, since here you will find a lot of information that can help you avoid fraud, as well as positive reviews of trustworthy sites. Also remember that we are users just like you, we have nothing to do with the studio and if you want to make a claim about the game, I recommend that you go to the Play Store and write a comment there or directly report the app so that it can be knocked down and do not continue to deceive someone.

Anyway, I hope it’s clear that we have nothing to do with the creators, since it gets a bit boring to go down to the comments and see complaints that it’s not up to us to resolve. Also this blog is here to help you and if you read to the end you will be able to find the names of several lists that contain legitimate applications . I recommend that you read them and find your favorite.

What is Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game?

Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game is supposed to be a paid app , although this is something that can be questioned, since the game is exactly the same as any generic junk app that you can find in the Play Store. Besides, the game is extremely bad, since it is always slow and in some cases it gets stuck, especially when they suddenly show you an ad, which will almost always happen.

Apparently Candy Game Mobile (studio that created it) is an expert on this subject and that is why we can see in his profile that he has published 13 other applications so far. They are all presented to the public as supposed apps that pay and from which you can take advantage, but the truth is that they are just an excuse for you to see ads and thus the creator can earn some money without much effort.

As advice before proceeding: I think you can blacklist Candy Game Mobile , none of their games are a real shot and you will end up losing your patience easily. A legitimate app doesn’t need ads as much as it does performance and reliability and these games have neither.

Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game

Installation and registration in Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game:

The app can be quite easy to find, although for that you must put the full name at the time of the search. The same may not appear with this and if this happens it is due to compatibility problems with your operating system, so it is best to look for another option.

It is not mandatory to make any type of registration to play, in fact there is not even a box for this, so do not worry.

How does it work?

Once you enter Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game you will have a game that starts the moment you enter, it is the typical puzzle game that you have possibly seen hundreds of times already. You will also have all over the screen some games, aids and places where you can earn an extra reward, but what stands out the most is a tree that you must water and apparently, they will give you some extra coins .

The main game is simple and consists of throwing some blocks onto a track that you will have on the main screen and that is initially empty. The blocks contain a number and their own color that you must check very carefully, because later you will have to match them and you must also take care that they do not end up obstructing the path, because if they end up accumulating and reach the line that marks the limit, you lose. I think you already know this game very well, but in case it is not clear to you, you must throw the blocks and try to get them to hit something that is the same, so they will end up joining and creating a new one.

Regarding the tree that I told you about, it is hidden in a box that is on the right side of the screen, there you can water it and collect the reward .

app that pays


Curiously, despite the fact that it is presented in each ad as an app that pays , the reality is that there is no withdrawal option inside . There is no payment box and it is not possible to see any payment method, so everything seems to be a simple lie. Of course, the game will try to retain you as much as possible so that you see ads and incidentally, they will try to sell you a VIP account that is nothing more than a lie, a waste of money.

Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game - paid app

Does Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game pay?

The truth is that no, Crazy Cube 2048 –3D Merge Game does not pay and the only thing that will come out of this is to waste time and see an inordinate amount of ads. Besides, the game is quite slow and as such, it doesn’t offer anything new or that you can’t find in another app in the Play Store. The best thing is that you delete this game and better go to our lists, since there you will really have apps that pay and that have been verified.




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