Sushi Blast – Does It Pay You To Play? [Review]

Sushi Blast – Does it work?

Today I’m going to talk about Sushi Blast , a game that can be an excellent option if what you want is to earn money online , or at least that’s how this app is presented. Each ad is an invitation to earn money in a simple way, but this is nothing new and that’s why I tested the application for a while to bring you the results.

I recommend you read the whole article if you want to find out everything I could find, although the answer of whether it is a legitimate application or not, you will have at the end. Remember that for this article I will rely solely on my opinion, since this blog has nothing to do with any study or app. We do not promote anyone and, like you, we are users who are looking to earn money online through different applications regardless of their tasks, so after this article it would be great if you took a tour of the blog.

Reviewing all the information that we have here can be of great help, since you will be able to find reviews of reliable sites that you can use with complete peace of mind, as well as complaints about sites that are not worth it or are scams. Also in the final part you will have several lists that gather apps that do pay and that can help you get some extra tickets in a simple way.

What is Sushi Blast?

Perhaps from its images you have already got an idea of ​​what it is about and surely it will not be wrong at all, since it can be seen that Sushi Blast is a puzzle game very similar to those that abound when looking for an app that pay. What you don’t see, and there’s no way to know until you log in, is that it’s full of really annoying ads that pop up at any time without warning, just like any other PUA.

In case you’re interested, this app was created by TECHOPEDIA LIMITED , a study that we don’t know about up to now. The company seems to be recent and there is not much information available about it on the web, you can only see that it has published one more app through its profile in the Play Store and apparently this is also presented as an excellent way to earn money online against to the users.

Now, no matter how much a study promises things or an advertisement promises to give you heaven and earth, you should never trust them, they will always lie to you and manipulate the information about it. They don’t mind lying to users and using them for profit, in fact, that’s their business.

Sushi Blast

Installation and registration in Sushi Blast:

Due to its particular name, it is easy to find, although it may not appear on some cell phones due to compatibility problems. The best thing in case the latter happens to you is to look for another option, since the risk with an APK is high and it is not worth it.

No registration is required to play and all your progress will be saved to your account, at least until you delete the app.

Sushi Blast

How does it work?

Well, as you can imagine, the operation of Sushi Blast is similar to that of many other puzzle games and in particular, this one is more about observation than dynamics. Once you enter you will have a game that you must finish, since apparently there is no main tab and you can only pause if you select any of the boxes you have on the screen.

Within the game you will have a board that is full of different tiles, although the first levels will only have two figures that stand out and in which we must pay close attention, because these are the ones that will lead us to win. To play you just have to look at the board and every time you find a group of tiles that have more than three or three identical tiles, press them. It does not matter if there are different figures around or if they are diagonal, the important thing is that they comply with the rule of three and you must do this until the board is empty.

The reward offered by the app is automatically delivered to your account, in the middle of the game. At first you won’t have any problem to claim it, but you will see how after a while ads start to appear that are mandatory or won’t give you anything, which I think is a very clear sign of a PUA.

earn money online


Here comes the most curious point, and it is that it seems that its minimum withdrawal is quite easy to achieve and with just a few minutes of play on the first day you can reach it, or this is the illusion it gives. The payment is made to PayPal and you can start from just $0.3 cents and for this you must have the amount of 300,000 coins that are quite difficult to obtain. But this is not the only thing, since apparently they charge a fee of $0.25 and that in calculations, they represent more or less 250,000 coins .

In addition, the amounts can go up to $200 dollars , which obviously no app will ever pay you. The only point of leaving such a low minimum payment is to motivate yourself and use it, but when you realize that it is a PUA it is already too late and your patience is possibly destroyed by the amount of ads that forced you to see.

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Does Sushi Blast pay?

If you read the entire article, you will know the answer to this question, but if you didn’t, I’ll summarize it here: Sushi Blast doesn’t pay . All the time you invest here will be a waste, since it won’t do you any good and more than just playing, you’ll have to see annoying ads that appear all the time and don’t even warn and interrupt when you’re playing. The only task of this app is for you to see ads, but it will never give you anything.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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