Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games – Do you pay to play [Review].

Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games, legitimate or a scam?

Today I will tell you about Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games , an application to earn money playing games that always presents itself as an app that does pay . The app doesn’t promise anything new, it doesn’t even introduce us to a new game, but here every app is always given a chance, so what you’ll read is nothing more than the result of that experience.

If you read to the end you will be able to find out if it really is a paying app or just another junk app that you should stay away from. Remember that we have nothing to do with any studio or application, so everything you will find here is simply our experience. We will never recommend an app if we don’t believe in it, we will never tell you that you insist on a junk app or something similar. Also if you go to the final part you will find some lists that have apps that do pay , there are from applications to earn money playing games , to apps that pay for micro tasks .

This application was created in February of this year, it has more than 100,000 downloads and was last updated in that same month. The number of downloads it has in such a short time shows us how much money the creator has spent on advertising and believe me this has to come back to their account somehow. Usually an app like this is full of advertising, although at least it does not have in-app purchases .

What is Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games?

Well, Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games is another gambling app that seeks to entertain the users while generating revenue for the creator . The app isn’t very well designed, but it can be said that it’s decent and at least it doesn’t have bugs that ruin the experience. The fact is that for a long time I have been seeing various apps to make money gambling that have this same modus operandi: a gambling app that wants users to stay there as long as possible and see as many ads as possible.

The app is created by ALL4FUN GROUP LIMITED , a company that has not published any other app so far. It is not easy to find a lot of information about Fancy Lucky Slots , nor is it easy to find information about the studio and this is not a good sign. Personally, he considered that if it really became an app that if you pay, then it would already have recognition from the public, something that it does not have at this time.

Every time you come across an application to earn money playing, it is best to look for information, never trust yourself, no matter how much they promise you that it is an app that does pay . In my search I have come across accounts of applications to earn money playing that are simply garbage and that come to seem legitimate, deceiving hundreds of users.

Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games

Installation and registration in Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games:

You can find the app simply, you don’t need to search for any APK or something like that. If the application does not appear in the list of results, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, for this reason it is automatically discarded and it does not appear no matter how much you search for it in the Play Store.

Once you enter you will only have to focus on playing, no registration will be necessary. The app does not request any data or email, so you can continue without worrying about your information.

How to play?

When you enter Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games you will simply see a slot machine that has several images on its screen, as usual. It doesn’t even give you space to see a menu or observe the settings, it just leaves you in the game and there you just have to press the “Play” button to start moving the images.

Your objective there is nothing more and nothing less than to press the button that I mentioned, there is nothing else you can do, since being a game of chance everything will depend on luck. From what I’ve seen, at least three images need to match, although most of the time we’ll be lucky enough to get images from an entire row to match. As soon as this happens you will win and you will see that the reward will be credited to your account .

There is little more to say, I saw the menu and the truth is that they do not offer you many options and in the “store” it gives you the possibility to buy some things for the game. Although luckily, you will not need real money . Besides, the reward will be delivered in the middle of the game, so be prepared for many interruptions.


Here you will have three options to request your payment : OXXO , Amazon and PayPal . You can calmly choose the option that you like or adjusts to your profile, you will do this once you have the minimum withdrawal in your account. This minimum withdrawal is about $1,000 dollars and is the same for all forms of payment .

Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games

Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games Conclusion :

It’s just another waste of time, it’s not worth it either as a game or as an application to earn money playing because this won’t be real. The game looks decent and you might like it, but personally I don’t recommend it because gambling tends to be a bit addictive and this can be the gateway to something else. Fancy Lucky Slots: Fun Games is a non-paying app , so delete it from your phone or don’t make the mistake of installing it.

I know that this may be something that discourages you, but don’t worry, luckily in our search we have found some apps that do pay . All these apps that if they pay can be found in lists, they are all paying and have been verified. If at any time they stop paying we will notify you , so you do not waste your time. Also at the bottom you will have the link to the most extensive list, so you can review there and try some.

To access these lists, you only need to go to the menu or the search engine that appears at the top right of the screen. Once you are there make sure to write the following names: “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” , “Five applications that help you earn extra money” , “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” , “Best applications to earn money online 2023” , “Applications to earn extra money 2023” and “Best applications to earn money in Spain 2023” .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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