Smile Battery – Do You Pay To Charge Your Cell Phone? [Review]

Smile Battery, is it a scam?

In this article I will talk about Smile Battery , a  free money earning app  that is promoted in various ads as the solution to your money problems. It labels itself as an  app that does pay , although that remains to be seen, since the way it is promoted and what you have to do does not give me confidence at all.

Anyway, remember to read until the end to find out if  you are really paying  or it is just another  fraud  of those that abound in the  Play Store . Also at the end of the article you will find the link to a list that contains  apps that do pay  and the name of several others in which you will surely find a good  application to earn free money  that  pays you  either for playing or for micro tasks.

Do not forget that this blog has nothing to do with any study or application that is discussed here, we are only testing applications and our result is published, whether positive or negative. We do not promote anyone and we are not developers of any project you see here. I still recommend you read the blog, we update almost daily and well, finding an  application to earn money  is a very long and complicated path, so it doesn’t hurt to stay informed.

What is Smile Battery?

This is an  application to earn money  by charging your cell phone or at least that is what it implies in its publications. An app that pays us to always have our cell phone at 100%, but does not specify why it would do this or where the money comes from to support the project, although I can already imagine it. If what you want are  apps that do pay , I recommend that you look for other options and ignore options like this, since what it promises is totally unrealistic.

Smile Battery not only allows you  to earn money by charging your cell phone  , but you will also have different options that you can carry out, although I warn you that all of these will be focused on seeing ads if you want to achieve something. If you wonder why good, the easiest way to monetize an app is through ads and the creators know this very well and always seek to take advantage of it. This is why in the Play Store there will always be an application that has excessive ads, which ends up exhausting your patience.

In case you wonder, the studio that created it is called  Alfred CAN  and yes, you have more published applications. So far this study has more than five apps and interestingly none of them looks similar to Smile Battery or seems to be an  app to earn money  but rather an app for entertainment.

Smile Battery

Installing and registering Smile Battery:

You can find the application simply, since it has a name that, although curious, is easy to find. If you cannot find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, so it is automatically discarded.

The application will not request any data for registration, but as soon as you enter it will ask you for access to various things on your phone. Personally, I don’t like it at all and it seems to me that this could be a data theft.

How does it work?

It’s somewhat complicated to explain how Smile Battery works  because it doesn’t quite explain the activity very well, but it can be summed up in one thing, advertising. What we will do here is not supposed to be anything, we just have to enter, leave the application running in the background and wait for our cell phone to download for the magic to begin.

Also within Smile Battery  you will find that there are also several tasks to perform that are common within  applications to earn money playing . Among these activities you will find things like watching videos, playing some games like roulette, etc. The only thing I’m warning you is that for everything you want to do, you’ll have to see an ad. Besides, it seems that you will also have a screen full of advertising every time you charge your cell phone and every time you enter the app you should see an ad.

The  reward  is charged as your cell phone charges, but I don’t see it as very reliable. To tell the truth, it seems to me that it’s just an excuse to make you see ads and who knows, maybe it’s also looking to steal your data, something that is better not to risk.


You can  request your payment  through  PayPal , as is the custom between these applications. The  minimum withdrawal  is  $200 dollars nothing more or nothing less, something that of course is very unrealistic and that no app is going to pay you under any circumstances.

Smile Battery

Final opinion of Smile Battery:

I don’t recommend it one bit. As I already told you, downloading it and giving it access to our data can be very dangerous and leave us exposed to things like data theft, so it’s better to keep going. Besides the excessive amount of ads makes it almost impossible to use and will undoubtedly exhaust the patience of some. Smile Battery, so better check our lists, because there it will be easier to find a   legitimate free money earning app .

Don’t be discouraged anyway, if you want to access our lists to find apps that do pay, you can do it by entering the menu or going to the last link that you will find at the bottom, there is the most extensive list. If you are going to review the rest of the lists, you can search for the following names and I assure you that each app that is there is verified and it is known that it  is paying . The lists are:  “Five Apps That Help You Earn Extra Money” ,  “Apps To Earn Free Cryptocurrency”  and  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” .

I also invite you to review all the articles, surely among so many reviewed apps you will be able to find any app that you have doubts about and if not, then you can place its name in the comments. Finding an  app to earn money by playing games  is usually an even more complicated task than finding an  app to earn money with micro tasks , but it is not impossible.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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