Garden Bingo: Bingo Game – Can You Win Money Playing?

Garden Bingo: Bingo Game, Scam or legit?

Perhaps you have already seen  Garden Bingo: Bingo Game , an  application to earn money by playing  that is presented as an  app that does pay  and it is common to find it these days due to the large amount of money that its creator has spent on advertising. After seeing it so much, I’ll give it a chance and here I’ll tell you how reliable it is.

Just remember that no matter what happens with this app, you can find at the bottom some names of lists that you can find in this blog. The lists have  apps that do pay  and are verified. There are several  applications to earn money playing  that you can try and with which you can surely  earn extra money every month  and remember to be clear about that, it will only be an  extra income  and nothing more. You will not become a millionaire . In addition, there are also apps that pay you for micro tasks or surveys.

Now yes, let’s continue talking about  Garden Bingo , an application that was last updated in March of this year and seems to be growing, although it still does not allow any public comments from users. This is generally not a good sign, as many of the creators use this advantage to  hide scam reports . The app currently has just over 50,000 downloads.

What is Garden Bingo: Bingo Game?

I think that with the images you have probably already given an idea of ​​how it works and what Garden Bingo: Bingo Game is about . The game is very well known, in fact it is very common for there to be rooms in real life for people to get together to play them, but this time we will see it adapted to mobile phones. It won’t be anything new anyway, so don’t expect a game that will revolutionize the internet or something like that, it’s just a good pastime and hopefully also an application to earn money playing games .

This app was created by  Bear World LTD , a studio that I have never talked about and well, so far they have only published another application that has a bit to do with this one and that of course is presented as an application to earn money playing games. The only bad thing is that I couldn’t find any kind of information about the app in everything I checked and well, this is often not a good sign. If a study is good, its work will speak for itself, it will be easy to find information or some signal that supports it, but this time it is not like that.

The little information I found and all the advertising that there is says that its publication is an  app that does pay , that you can fully trust and that has already paid hundreds of users, but this is not true. Although at first it looks like a good app and as soon as you enter they will be giving you money , after a while the illusion fades and the first alarm signals begin to disappear.

Garden Bingo: Bingo Game

Installation and registration in Garden Bingo: Bingo Game:

The app will be quite easy to find, just make sure you spell its name correctly and also write it in full, otherwise you may run into other similar apps.

On the registry side, this will not be necessary. You should not give any data or email for registration, so you do not have to link anything, something that seems good to me because it is not known how secure it is.

How to play?

When you enter you will have a kind of  welcome bonus  that will be delivered as a reward, as if a game had already been finished and you were the winner. Also, unlike other games , Garden Bingo: Bingo Game  does not have rooms that present us with the same game over and over again, here it only has one room in which to play and it will be the one where they let you just start.

It works in the same way that a real bingo does, only here you will have your card on the screen of your cell phone and you must press each box in case it matches the number that you are being asked for. Once you get all the numbers they ask for, you can declare bingo and thus win the game. It’s not difficult at all, it’s just a matter of paying attention and being very lucky, as in any game of chance.

The reward will always go in the middle of the game, this guarantees that the game is always interrupted and that we also have to see an ad that cannot be closed. This is nothing new, but it is still a lie.

Garden Bingo: Bingo Game


You can request the reward through PayPal , MercadoPago , PayPay , Pay , PayTM , Yandex Money and OVO . Personally, it seems to me that the most comfortable option is PayPal , but this is entirely up to you.

The minimum withdrawal is the same in all the options , it may be that this is seen in your local currency, but to make it clear to all of us, I will tell you in dollars : $200 . In addition, you can also request payments for $300 , $500 , $1,000 , $2,500 and $3,000 dollars , figures that no application will pay you in life.

Conclusion of  Garden Bingo: Bingo Game:

The app is total garbage, I won’t lie to you about that. If you like the game and really enjoy it, then you better find another app that contains this same game and doesn’t have half as many ads as well as blatantly lies to you. If you already have it on your cell phone, delete it, it won’t do you any good. Garden Bingo: Bingo Game is an app that does not pay , it is best that you do not get your hopes up with it and continue your search.

Don’t be discouraged anyway, although this time the app failed, this does not mean that it is always like that. In fact, in this blog, luckily we have found some  apps that do pay , so I invite you to review them. All the applications here are verified,  they are paying  and you can find an article of each one to know more information and that you do not have any doubt. Also below you will have a link to the more extensive list, just click on their name.

To access the blog you only have to select the three lines that appear in the upper right part of the screen. Once you are there you can place the following names:  “Applications to earn money online 2023” ,  “Best applications to earn extra money 2023” ,  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” ,  “Five applications that help you earn extra money”  and  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies”




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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