Infinity Bird Incubate – Can You Make Money Playing Games?

Infinitt Bird Incubate, scam or legit?

Well,  Infinitt Bird Incubate  is an  app to earn money by playing games,  it is always presented as a paying app and this time I will be reviewing it to find out the whole truth. Remember that we have nothing to do with any study or app, so what you will find here is only a text based on our experience.

The application does not have much data available in its description, but you can see what was last updated in March of this year. So far it has 100,000 downloads and I can only assume that this is because it is often presented as an  app to earn money by playing games , otherwise there is no explanation. It is a very common game and it is easy to find other apps in the  Play Store. In fact, it is a fairly common game and many may already be bored with it.

Anyway, I tested for a while and here is just a small summary. If it’s an  app that pays,  I’ll tell you and  you’ll start earning money playing , the opinion will be sincere. The same will happen if it is a  junk application,  I will notify you so that you do not waste your time with it and better focus on something that is worth it. After all, investing your time and in the end it being a lie is quite frustrating. Also at the bottom you will have the names of some lists that gather  apps that do pay , feel free to review them.

What is Infinity Bird Incubate?

Infinity Bird Incubate  is a simple game in which we are presented with a board with many tiles that are almost the same, saved by the color of each one. The game is too similar to Candy Crush, only this time we won’t be combining tiles until we get a pair, but we will have to find groups and eliminate each one.

But hey, if we want a little more context regarding the app, we just need to review the studio that created it,  Orange Game . This company has at least 9 other published applications, all of them are presented as  applications to earn money playing games  and all promise to be  apps that do pay . There isn’t much information available on this company, but it has certainly done its thing on many occasions. It can be said that it is fairly well known. At least if we look at the numbers that some of its apps have.

Still from what I see, there’s nothing good to say, it’s just another company creating  junk apps  and trying to attract as many audiences as possible. Apps  to earn money playing games  do not look like this and they do not present you with something so simple. Much less are they full of advertising.

Installation and registration in Infinity Bird Incubate:

It may be a little difficult to find because it has a name that is quite common among apps in general. The best thing is that if you are going to download it first you look at the name of the study, so at least you make sure that you are downloading the correct one. If you can’t find it, it may be because it is not compatible with your cell phone, something that causes it to be automatically discarded from the list of results.

Once you enter, no registration will be necessary, something that reassures me because the application does not look very reliable. It only remains to play and focus on earning as many points as possible.

How to play?

Once you enter  Infinity Bird Incubate  you will only see a small menu and little else. When you enter the game as such you will see that there is a board, it is full of tiles that have a distinctive color and most of them are stacked in blocks that have the same color.

The game basically consists of you pressing a block that has more than three tiles of the same color, something that won’t be very difficult to find. Once you press these blocks, they will disappear. Your goal is simply to make the screen or board completely empty, so you can pass the level while collecting your reward.

The  reward will be delivered in the middle of the game. You are also given the option of watching an ad to multiply and with each passing level it gets lower, to the point of almost forcing you to watch it if you want to reach the  minimum quick withdrawal  .

Infinite Bird Incubate


To  request your payment  you have the option of  PayPal , it is the only thing you see. The minimum withdrawal is $1,500 dollars , although it may be something personalized and this amount may be seen in the local currency for you.

Infinite Bird Incubate

Conclusion of Infinity Bird Incubate:

I think that if you read the whole article you already have a clear idea of ​​what I am going to tell you here. The application is undoubtedly  rubbish ,  it is useless for anything  other than wasting time. It is not a legitimate earn money gambling app , it just seeks  to trick users  with  unrealistic rewards . The purpose of the app is only for you to see ads, with this the creator earns money and you are left with the illusion of the reward. Advertising is the way that the creators have to  monetize the app . Infinite Bird Incubate  is a  non-paying app , so just delete it or ignore this option.

And well, although it seems that it is almost impossible to find an  app that does pay  of this type, luckily not everything is like that and in this blog we have found some  apps that do pay  quite interesting. If you want to know what applications I am talking about, do not hesitate to look for more lists that I will mention below, there are all kinds of applications and they  pay you for various tasks . All are verified,  are paying  and have an article in which there is more information and a link to the  Play Store  for you to install.

To access the lists, you only need to enter the menu that appears once you press the three lines that appear at the top right of the screen. When you locate yourself, you only have to place the following names in the search engine:  “Five applications that help you earn extra money” ,  “Applications to earn free cryptocurrencies” ,  “25 Best Apps To Earn Money” ,  “Best applications to earn extra money 2023”  and  “Applications to earn money online 2023” .




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:

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