FBS – Trading Broker – Legitimate App Or Scam [Review]

FBS – Trading Broker A reliable broker?

I was going to be reviewing  FBS – Trading Broker, a  trading app  that is a bit of a departure from the  free money making apps  we’ve been reviewing. This is a regulated broker that allows us  to operate with real money  and is operating in several countries, apart from being reliable. The point is how easy it is to trade here, that’s the answer I’ll be looking for.

If you are not interested in  trading applications  or you came here to find more information about this app but you do not know what the blog is about, I invite you to review it. Here we are dedicated to making reviews of different  applications to earn money , most of them for free. We do not promote anyone and we have nothing to do with any app or studio. We are users testing, learning and in turn leaving a path so that other users do not have to waste their time. 

Also, if you read to the end you will be able to find the names of several lists that have  apps that do pay . There will not be any other  application to trade , but I know that you can find many  applications to earn money completely free of charge  and for different tasks. You will find from  applications that pay you to take surveys , to  applications that pay you to play . Feel free to check them out and find the one you like best.

What is FBS – Trading Broker?

FBS – Trading Broker  is the application of the  FBS broker , a broker that has been around since 2012 and that has accumulated a large number of people over time that can attest to its seriousness. This  trading application  was launched in 2019 and although it has some bugs, it works correctly and allows users to trade in the current market without any inconvenience. The only thing I recommend is that before using this broker or any other, you have experience or at least have been informed about how to operate.

The app was created by  FBS.com  , which is the domain on the web pages, through that address you can enter from Google or any other search engine. So far the company has released two other apps that also appear to be  legitimate trading apps , just related to a different market. They all seem to work well and are supported by the reliability that the public has, having been created by a broker that has been operating for so long and that has been shown to be quite serious in its movements and payments.

Like all  brokers , it will have its pluses and minuses, so I recommend you take a good look at the information that it will manage before registering your account. Remember to take into account the percentages that you will be asked to operate, for withdrawals and also the minimum you need to open an account.

FBS – Trading Broker

Installation and registration in FBS – Trading Broker:

Luckily the application is easy to find and you can access it by searching for its name in the Play Store. They will usually be in the first position and if you don’t feel sure, just check the name of the company to see if it is the right one or not. Apparently it is available in most countries, but it may have some restrictions, so if it does not allow you to install it, it is best to look for another trading application to trade.

For your registrations first start with an email, a password and your real name. Then you will have to give more information such as your country of residence, your address, the telephone number, your gender, etc.

FBS – Trading Broker

How does it work?

The first thing in  FBS – Trading Broker is to choose the type of account you want to open. Remember to take into account which markets you want to operate to make the right choice, also the account with the lowest minimum deposit amount of only  $1 dollar , so you can start very easily because the rates are accessible. You can also request information and support from the support that the application has and you can even go to the website and contact you from there.

Inside you will have a menu and several boxes through which you can scroll, from there you will be able to access different configurations and also in the different markets. Once you select one of these markets, the graphs will open so that you know all the updated information on the site where you are going to invest and you can make your decisions. You can access current information as well as information from a day, a week, a month ago or whatever you need to assess how the market has behaved and make your decisions.

Trading will never be easy and that is why it is best that you inform yourself and always look for information before opening an account with any  broker  you come across. Yes, the  earnings  can be very tempting, but if you don’t know how to use it, you will lose everything in a few minutes.

Trading app - app to make money


Both to make  deposits to your account  and start trading, and to  request payments , you will have  Skrill ,  PayPal ,  bank transfer ,  Neteller ,  VISA ,  Perfect Money , etc. as options. Like deposits,  withdrawal minimums  also depend on the account you have created. This is information that you can access by going to the  withdrawal box  and there they will show you the  minimums in each option .

Trading app - app to make money

FBS – Trading Broker pays ?

The truth is that yes,  FBS – Trading Broker is a reliable trading application  and in which you can find many options and start trading safely. As always, there will be some failures that may ruin the experience, but as I told you, if they become serious or are reflected in your  earnings , you can go directly to the support that you have provided and you will find a solution quite quickly. Luckily this support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Also, if this does not convince you or you do not feel safe, you can access our blog and look for an  application to win that does not require any type of investment . Believe me there are very good options. Below I will tell you how to access the lists in which all these  apps that do pay are gathered . They all have an article in which there is more information and the link for you to install them safely from the Play Store.



Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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