Solitaire Go: Tripeaks Does the app really Pay to Play [Review]?

Solitaire Go: TriPeaks – Legit or scam?

Perhaps you have already seen  Solitaire Go: TriPeaks , an  application to earn money playing games  that is always presented as an  app that does pay . The app is just another card game that doesn’t offer us much. But hey, I’m going to focus on what really matters, the reward it offers us.

To know if it is an  app that you pay for  or another  junk app  , I will base myself on my experience, since I tried the app for a while. Everything you will read here is my experience and I will not lie to you about anything. Remember that we have nothing to do with any study, we are users, just like you we are looking for an  application to earn money playing.  We do not promote anyone. We only do reviews because we know how frustrating it can be to waste time. If it is an  app that does pay,  I will tell you so that you can use it with peace of mind and earn some extra income. The same if it’s a  junk app , I’ll let you know so you don’t waste your time.

But hey, now we are going to focus again on the information available about  Solitaire Go: TriPeaks  before continuing. The first thing is that the creator seems to want to hide as much information as possible, this because it has no publication date and no reviews from its users. It was last updated in June of this year and has more than 50,000 downloads and a community that is constantly growing thanks to its announcements.

What is Solitaire Go: TriPeaks?

Solitaire Go: TriPeaks  is a card game that tries to be a little more dynamic than the typical solitaire. The app as such is well programmed and its interface is quite solid and allows you to adapt quickly. Besides that everything is very well organized. In fact, I would say that it is one of the  most organized applications to earn money playing games  that I have seen. The only problem I find is in the game, since you must know it and yes or yes, you must know the value of the cards in order to be successful in each game.

But hey, you may be wondering who created this app and the answer is  Thị Huế , a company we don’t know. The studio has not published any other game so far, everything seems to indicate that it is hoping to be successful with  Solitaire Go  and that is why they allocate so many resources to their ads, since you will be able to see hundreds of them distributed by other applications. Everything you can see from its supposed  reward , from its promise to make an  application to earn money by playing games , etc., is nothing more than a marketing move to get your attention so that you end up installing this game.

This as such is nothing new, since many other applications have managed to have a large audience by promoting themselves as  apps that do pay , which is an absolute lie. I personally recommend that you always look for information and do not immediately believe the advertisements that are presented to you.

Solitaire Go: TriPeaks

Installation and registration in Solitaire Go: TriPeaks :

The application is easy to find and is very likely to be in the top positions. If you have a compatibility problem, it will not appear or it will not show you any installation option, for this there is no solution and it is best to look for another app.

As such a registration is not necessary, although it will ask you for an email and a name in order to  request a payment , but you can do this after playing.

Solitaire Go: TriPeaks

How to play?

When you enter  Solitaire Go: TriPeaks  you will have a kind of tutorial in which they seek to teach you how to use the app and that you learn to play, incidentally. The game is quite simple and only requires a little attention and that you know the value of each card, although you can perfectly go trial and error, since there will be no problem if you lose. You will also have some boxes to access your account settings and a box where your  winnings will be added automatically .

Once you start the game, you will have to start pressing various cards until you achieve the objective. What he explains to you in the tutorial is that you can both press a card that has a higher value or a lower value than the one that is being shown to you at any time. The important thing is that it be the next one, whether on a larger or smaller scale. In addition, you must go clearing the way for other letters that are there permanently and that will not have any letter or number because they will be  “awarded” , so to speak. Your task is to be there so that once you take off on the road, you can access them and  earn money .

The  reward  is delivered in the middle of the game and varies in amount. After a while, as usual, you will have the possibility to start seeing ads to  multiply your earnings , but this requires a lot of patience and is not as helpful as you would think.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay


You can  request your payment  only to  PayPal  or at least it is with what it seems, since as such it does not allow us to see the  payment methods.  It only opens a box for us to add information such as our name, an email and the amount we want to withdraw, but they do not show us where that money will go, which does not make any sense. The  minimum withdrawal  is  $500  and it seems that this time we will not have the opportunity to access other amounts.

Application to earn money playing - app that does pay

Does Solitaire Go: TriPeaks pay?

Solitaire Go: TriPeaks does not pay,  it is a waste of time that it is better not to fall for. If you have the application with the hope that you will earn some extra income, allow me to disappoint you and tell you that it is not so. This game  will not be paying you anything , it is just an excuse for the creator so that you see ads and in this way he can earn money, but believe me he will not give anything to the users. The objective from the beginning is this, and the advertisements are only for it to grow, that’s why they lie to you so much. The best thing is that you delete the app and if you really want an  application to earn money playing , check this blog, here you will find some  apps that do pay .

As I told you, in this blog you can find some  apps that do pay , they are on different lists and below I will tell you how to access them and their names. You will also have direct links to the  Play Store  for each one so you can download it safely and an article with more information. Also below you will have the link to the most extensive list of all, so that you take it into account and review it, you just have to click on its name and you will be redirected there.




Next I will leave you a list of apps that if they paid you, you decide which one best suits your needs:


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