Fizzjob Review: can you really get a job?

In the app industry recently Fizzjob was introduced, an online job finding platform that claims to be legitimate, which offers great opportunities to find a job online where you can work from home or anywhere you choose.
The truth is that Fizzjob is a junk application in which you won’t get a job, you won’t get paid anything and you might even lose money.
Read the following review below and find out how Fizzjob scams users.

Fizzjob: is it legit?

Fizzjob is not legitimate as no online jobs are available on the platform and users do not receive any payment. The application expresses several lies to take advantage of those who signed up on the platform.

What is Fizzjob?

Fizzjob expresses itself as a legitimate app for finding jobs online, which represents the ideal of life for many. The platform even features job offers close to home. The pay is high and the work schedules are too good to be true.
Fizzjob is a fraudulent application that will fool you from start to finish.
The application is not that easy to find, as it depends on where you live. You might not find it in the first results, so it will take you a short time to find it.
Once you find it and download it to your cell phone, you will not need to register or give any personal information. If you want, you can fill in your resume, which is not recommended at all for a junk app.

How does it work?

Once you enter Fizzjob you will have a main tab where you will find several job offers, all with salaries that exceed the minimum wage of any country. All the offers are adapted to your place of residence and even to the city where you are. The offers are of different types of jobs and you can apply to any of them. You will find fabulous job offers and if you get them you will become a successful and wealthy individual in a short period of time. The problem here is that to contact the employer you need to write via WhatsApp and this may not be very secure. The app even pulls you out and redirects you automatically. This feature makes Fizzjob highly dangerous, because many ghost companies will ask you for money to get you a job, which is a fraud.
All job offers have a description that tells you what the job is, how many hours you have to work per week and the weekly or biweekly pay. There you can study the options and choose the best one. Immediately after that you will be asked for money to start working, which is a scam.


As this is an online job search application and not a payment app as such, in principle you will not have to pay anything. Everything regarding your money will be arranged with the employer. From the method of payment, to how often it will be made and what the amount will be. It also depends on whether the job is online or face-to-face. Finally, some job offers will ask you for money to start working, which shows that Fizzjob is a scam.

Conclusion of Fizzjob

The truth is that Fizzjob does not work to get a job online, nor will you ever get a job through it. The only purpose of the app is to scam you through fake job offers. The platform includes display ads and this is how they monetize the app.
The best thing to do is to ignore this app and never download it to your cell phone.
If you are looking for jobs online or in person it is advisable to look for offers on recognized websites that offer legitimate options.



Fizzjob does not offer any real job nor does it make any payment.


  1. They scamed my because I was in a hurry to pay my mom’s treatment I used my school fee for all their necessities and now am in the state of confusion
    Please I need help
    Adesuwa kizzy onohwakpor
    I need help anything can save my mom and mental health

  2. This app is a big scam be very careful, they stole my money. Sorry Alvina I feel your pain. Google play should remove the option to hide reviews. If i ad seen the reviews on google play I would have never downloaded it. Be very careful, you have been warned.

  3. I also got scammed.i used my mother’s money thinking that I will get it back but this keep asking for more recharges no payments.

  4. I almost paid the recharge fees untill I decided to know more about the app,and be sure about what dey do . thank GOD I didn’t fall for that

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