Fortune Bingo Master: does it really pay?

Fortune Bingo Master is an app that promises to pay you to play bingo. The platform looks safe and reliable, but in reality it is a junk app. Fortune Bingo Master manifests various gimmicks to trick users and keep them in the game as long as possible. The platform is a complete scam and will never pay you to play.
Read the following Fortune Bingo Master review below and find out how the app cheats users.

Fortune Bingo Master: is it legit?

Fortune Bingo Master is not a legitimate application as it does not pay what it promises. The platform expresses several lies to capture and retain users within the game. The app is a complete scam and you should not download it to your cell phone.

What is Fortune Bingo Master?

Fortune Bingo Master is an application to win money playing bingo, which is intended to be entertaining while getting winnings. To play on this platform you must be over 18 years old, as it is not recommended that minors are initiated in games of chance for money.
The dynamics of the game is easy and accessible to anyone. The aesthetics of the platform is quite attractive and encourages the desire to play. Fortune Bingo Master seems to be quite safe and that is a point in favor of the application. The platform is in early access, so users can’t give their opinion or rate this application, which is negative. The developers use this strategy to hide various lies that the application might have.
To install Fortune Bingo Master on any device you must search for the app on Google Play, which you will find below. Once you have downloaded it on your device you can start playing directly.

How to play?

To start playing Fortune Bingo Master you will find the numbers in the columns of a bingo card are random and all you have to do is mark your card if the number is on it. The cards are all unique, so no two players will have the same cards. The bingo ball numbers are also announced by audio and the balls being called are displayed next to the game interface, which is quite handy if you have skipped a pattern. The first person to get the winning pattern on their cards wins the game.
However, before you get straight to the action, you must choose how many cards you will play. For each game, you can buy one card for 10 coins each, with a maximum of 6 cards per game. Naturally, more cards increase your chances of winning a game. Since you start the game with 200 free coins, it will take some time before you run out of money in the game. If you run out of coins to buy cards for your games, you can get more from your hourly bonus, which gives you free coins, or you can buy more coins with real money.
Unfortunately, the game leaves a lot to be desired. You feel a bit lonely while playing, as there is no chat to assist you. In a way it feels like a dead end, as the only motivation to win is to accumulate more coins and use them to buy more bingo cards.


Thanks to several testimonials collected from people close to us who have played Fortune Bingo Master it can be proven that the application is a fraud and does not pay through any payment method.

Conclusion of Fortune Bingo Master

Fortune Bingo Master does not pay and only represents a waste of time for users. You should not download this application to your cell phone under any circumstances.



Fortune Bingo Master does not pay.

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