Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle: does it really pay?

Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle is an application that proposes to earn money playing. The platform presents a puzzle through which you will have to play and overcome different levels. Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle is a garbage app that will not pay you anything of what it promises. The platform keeps you entertained through various scams and will never make any payments.
Read the following Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle review below and find out how the app deceives users.

Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle: is it legit?

Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle is not a legitimate application as it scams users by telling them that they can earn money by playing this game. The platform does not pay anything it promises and represents a waste of time.

What is Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle?

Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle is an app that presents a puzzle to play. The bad thing about this game is that it does not motivate users through any challenge. The game was created by the developer Cessabit Games, which has little experience in the industry. The game shows interesting graphics and good gameplay. The platform does not have too many ads. At first the platform seems serious, but as you play you will realize that it is a junk app.
To start playing you should go to Google Play and among the first places in the list of results you will find Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle. If you do not find the application is because it is not compatible with your cell phone.
Once you enter you will be able to start playing directly, since it will not ask you for any data for registration. This is a bad sign, because the platform is not interested in protecting your data or show the evolution of your game.

How to play?

When you open Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle you will have the option to access a brief instruction about the game, which will teach you how to use the application and how to play. To start you will have to put together the tiles of the same number or simply put them together in such a way that you get a sum that will help you to work with a last block. As a player you will have to eliminate blocks until you get bigger and bigger numbers and be able to pass to the next level. The final goal is that the board is empty.
To make these combinations you have to move the pieces as you prefer, although it will always be necessary that the piece is next to the one you want to move. You cannot move diagonally. The important thing is always to connect the numbers and at the end you can mix this tile with another, but for this they must match in their number. When you complete the level you automatically move on to the next one, the strange thing is that no reward is given.
The game is too simple, it won’t make you think too much at some point. In fact you will have the option to go to hints in case you get lost, or restart the level so that everything can be solved in a certain sequence.


Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle does not present any kind of method to withdraw your winnings. The platform lies when it says that it is a game to win money.

Conclusion of Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle

Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle does not pay and does not present any possibility to withdraw your money. The application is a scam and you should never download it to your cell phone because you will waste your time, waste battery and take up space on your device.



Destroy Numbers Sliding Puzzle does not pay.

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